Is Bed Bug Vacuum Efficient in eliminating the infestation?

Bed bugs infestation is one of the most common and the filthiest pest infestation face by almost all homeowners, at one time or another. Most homeowners try all they could including managing the clutter, vacuuming the floors and laundering the bed linens to keep away the infestation. And while all these are great steps to minimize bed bugs infestation chances in your home, it won’t guarantee to eliminate any existing infestation.

How efficient is bed bug vacuuming against infestation?

You see, what makes bed bugs the creepiest infestation is the fact that they suck our blood to survive, yikes. Now, it may seem a great Karma to turnaround their way on to them by using vacuuming. Besides, vacuuming sure is powerful enough to suck up every bit of dust or spill, so why wouldn’t it be efficient against those teeny tiny creepy bed bugs?

Honestly, irrespective of the current state of infestation, vacuuming only serve as your first line of defense. Perhaps, the only way to completely wipe-off these creepy bed bugs from your home is professional pest control services in Karachi.

For those of you who are questioning our statement, below are some reasons why we are so sure about our stance.

  • There is no way to vacuum creatures that you can’t see

Logical, isn’t it?

I mean even if you got first sight onto these creepy blood-sucking parasites in your bed, you don’t know how many of them are there and where else they are residing. If you don’t know already, these parasites are great in hiding themselves and capable of reproducing incredibly fast. So, even if you can remove a few of them with a vacuum, there is no way you can eliminate the infestation in other places, which you would never know.

  • What you’re going to do with eggs

Now just for the sake of argument, even if we do agree that you are able to suck-up these bloody parasites with vacuum from one or two places, what about the hundreds and thousands of eggs that will still be laid under your mattress?

Bed bugs reproduce faster than rats, which is a big concern. So, even if you are able to eliminate the living/visible pests, you will never know about the eggs, until they grow an infestation again. Even missing a single bed bug can cause a full-blown infestation.

That’s why professional pest control services in Karachi gives so important to eliminate the source of the infestation, so there is no chance of another infestation for a long time to come.

  • What about out of reach places?

Bed bugs control services don’t just populate in your mattress. These creepy tiny parasitic monsters can hide anywhere; inside the cracks, into the walls, under the ceilings, behind the plumbing voids and all other possible places you can think of.

So, even if you are able to completely eliminate the infestation (eggs included) from your mattress, how would you get rid of them in places where vacuum won’t work?

Professional Pest Control Services – The Best way to eliminate bed bugs infestation

When you hire professional pest control services, you are giving yourself another chance to reclaim your home. These professionals come equipped with the most potent pesticides which can reach in every nook and corner of your home and ensure all possible sources of infestation are disbanded. Moreover, the qualified and experienced staff are able to scan through the entire home to identify potential sites of breeding and eliminate them in the process.

So, next time around, you are looking to eliminate bed bugs infestation from your home, choose a professional pest control services in Karachi.


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