It’s NOW time to read the TikTok Playbook




SUMMARY: Use this book as a guide to help you use TikTok for your business.

TikTok Playbook

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Have you watched TikTok videos in the past few months? If not and you think TikTok isn’t working for you or your business, then I want you to reconsider.

TikTok is the fastest growing social platform, with over 3 billion installs and 1 billion active users who spend 850 minutes on the platform every month – that’s just under 30 minutes a day!

I’ve been scrolling on TikTok for the past two months to see what small business owners were up to and I was blown away! Lawyers, financial planners, real estate agents, chefs, artists – you name it, you’ll see them sharing their tips (and making money) on TIkTok.

I had to learn more. So I picked a copy of TikTok Playbook: How to change ideas into fame into money into freedom by Kevin Green.

TikTok Playbook gives you a basic

Since TikTok is a relatively “new” platform, most of the books I found and read had a lot to do with creating viral content. TikTok Playbook, on the other hand, was more what I was looking for as a base to understand the essence of the platform and its culture.

You’ll love how author Kevin Green kicks off the book with an overview of TikTok’s beginnings as a Chinese company. You’ll discover why dancing and music are at the heart of TikTok’s popularity, but most importantly, you’ll learn how and why TikTok is a powerful channel for generating new revenue for your business.

A little bit about Kevin Green

You don’t know Kevin Green. He’s not a bestselling author, he’s not a brand or agency executive. Green is a young marketing professional who runs his own publishing company Greenland publishing. More importantly, he has a knack for explaining TikTok in a way that each of us can understand and implement.

In fact, I thought his TikTok Playbook was the best overview, overview and explanation of using TikTok for your business yet.

In the TikTok Playbook

The book is divided into seven LOGICAL chapters. You won’t find any lame phrases or words. Just the basics.

It starts with an overview. Then the sections will guide you through them

The basics of TikTok. Here you get the history and background. Developing your idea. as well as examples of ideas like lip sync, makeover challenges, and other types of videos you may have seen. Once you understand this, things start to make sense. This is the idea BEHIND your content. Not your content yet. Create the videos. This is a must read. Since it is a video platform, you need to understand the video features and understand what is there. I’m just saying this, I wouldn’t worry so much about the technology behind the videos as I am about the content and creativity. This is the technology behind the videos. Building your audience. Your idea, your audience and your content are the three most critical factors in this process. Here you can play and try to pay attention to what your audience wants. Earn money!!! YES! You CAN make money with TikTok which is why the platform is so powerful for everyone from entertainers to experts. branding. This is towards the end of the book, but no less important.

So that’s the core layout of TikTok Playbook. Nothing fancy, but you don’t want anything fancy or lofty or overly strategic.

Not ready for a new social media platform?

Look, I get it! I had TikTok installed on my phone for years and never looked at it. Well I jumped in and noticed people were dancing and singing and I didn’t understand and didn’t see it as relevant.

That’s when I noticed a “red flag” – as soon as I think something is stupid and trendy, that’s an indication that there is something that should NOT be ignored. Remember when we thought the internet was all the rage, social media was a fad and you couldn’t sell on social media?

Yes like that.

We always knew that social media platforms would come and go. And the beauty of any new platform is how it creates a new channel for ‘forgotten’ companies.

Cleaners, renovators, epoxy floor casters, artists, authors, craftsmen, real estate agents, contract attorneys – if you look for a company like yours, you’re sure to find it.

Learn Niche, Messaging and More from TikTok

If you want to see great examples of successful niches and marketing messages, TikTok is the place to be. Notice how these videos grab your attention, see which videos you watch at all and why.

Then grab a copy of TikTok Playbook and see how you can make TikTok a profitable part of your business.

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