Jaanuu scrubs and clothing review

Medical scrubs are hot right now — because, well, they’re hot all the time. They don’t go out of style, they are always needed, and the people whose jobs need them will continue to buy them, if necessary. The medical apparel industry was considered ripe for disruption, with direct-to-consumer brands such as Jaanuu, Clove, Folds and Figs launching fashionable scrubs and shoes, broadening the otherwise generic options of health professionals. The concept seems to hold weight: Figs’ IPO debuted in 2021, targeting what the company estimated would be a $12 billion US healthcare apparel industry.

Jaanuu received a $75 million investment from Eurazeo in January, bringing their total funding to just $100 million. The company’s co-founder and CEO Shaan Sethi said they will use the money to increase brand awareness. Jaanuu began diversifying its marketing channel efforts earlier this year — its new “Reimagine Greatness” campaign debuted in late May — and the brand continues to expand its core leadership team (including two former Nike execs), fabric innovations, and categories.

Shaan Sethi [Photo: courtesy Jaanuu]And so we come to me (of course) – a non-healthcare worker who found Jaanuu this spring and fell in love with it. Earlier this year, the brand branched out into men’s and women’s loungewear, with joggers, hoodies and tanks made from a very soft, stretchy polyester blend in soft melange shades ranging from $42 to $60. Unlike their scrubs, break Jaanuu doesn’t fit the mold with its lounge category, but it fits. The silhouettes reflect popular athleisure. (Jaanuu’s $60 jogger is basically a perfect dupe of my absolute favorite $80+ joggers from a well-known athleisure brand. Right down to the fabrication and placement of the tags.) But that’s kind of the point.

[Photo: courtesy Jaanuu]Jaanuu’s main customer remains the health professional, according to Sethi, but the face masks extend the brand’s appeal beyond the everyday scrub wearer. The face masks — made from the same moisture-wicking scrub fabric and treated with Silvadur, a silver ion polymer, making them antimicrobial — expanded Jaanuu’s reach to non-medical personnel, like me, who wore Jaanuu’s comfortable, breathable masks while teaching. (They were also backed by the ultimate celebrity “as seen on” endorsement with former President Barack Obama.) To date, the company has sold 8.2 million of its masks and donated a million more to nonprofits during the pandemic.

Sethi says that while the masks are designed for the general public, the company sees the loungewear category as “supporting the 12-hour shift for 24-hour people,” meaning giving health professionals something comfortable to change into when they’re out of the clock. . This concept instills some guilt, as living a few blocks from Mass General Hospital reminds me daily how trivial my workday risks are compared to those on the front lines. Still, the buttery fabric and never-turning waistband call to me as soon as it’s not pants. They are my favorite summer sweats; subtle and conventional enough to fly under the radar as streetwear. They keep their shape, never pill and have kept their silky smooth feel through many washes.

[Photo: courtesy Jaanuu]A licensed veterinary technician, also known as a true medical professional, Baphomet Nayer (also the fiancée of Fast Company associate editor David Salazar), had previously bought three pairs of Jaanuu scrubs for his job and had only good things to say.

“As a little guy, I’ve always struggled to find scrubs that just don’t swallow me whole,” he says. “In Jaanuu scrubs, I look like a member of my team instead of a kid playing doctor for the first time. Plus, the fabric feels really good and can handle anything: spilling hot coffee, blood, you name it. every wash removes all the stains and mess from the day even my Sharpied initials come out instantly and the scrubs look just as good as the day before All in all I give Jaanuu a 10/10 for durability, inclusivity and style.”

[Photo: courtesy Jaanuu]Jaanuu’s core decisions reflect the mindset of a physician, Dr. Neela Sethi Young, (Co-founder’s sister). The loungewear, Sethi explained, is an offering of easy, reliable comfort for health professionals like his sister, who “spend so much of their time serving others. Neela says you have to fill your own cup to fill others’ cup.” ,” he adds.

While I can’t think of anyone who deserves a super comfy sweat than those coming off a 16 hour shift in an ER – I think there are many more great doers out there who would benefit from Jaanu’s casual wear – think parents, caregivers, dog walkers, even you. Because self-care is also important.

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