Job Opening for Managing Editor/Content Manager in Happen To Your Career (Remote)

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Job Category : Content Writing
Company Name: Happen To Your Career
Position Name: Managing Editor/Content Manager
Location : Remote
Job Description : NOTE: If you love this job, don’t apply here, instead apply at At Happen to Your Career, we are a small, rapidly growing, company that helps people create and find fulfilling work, one person at a time. We value unconventional results, using your strengths to succeed, and to help our company grow in order to be able to help as many people as we possibly can. We are looking for a Managing Editor/Content Manager/Writer to help us achieve refining and upholding our brand standards for content and turn them into world leading standards for the people we serve, growth across all content areas (email, podcast, LinkedIn, website) consistent with company goals. Note: Apply at This is totally a test. Make sure you read everything here and do not just send a resume or click the apply button (You will be ignored. This is true for most companies, but we’d like to state it upfront.) Instead, read everything, and if you think this could be an amazing fit please apply but only using the instructions you’ll find below. KEY RESULTS YOU OWN: Refining and upholding our brand standards for content (PoP Content Standards) and turning them into world-leading standards for the people we serve Growth across all content areas (email, podcast, LinkedIn, website) consistent with company goals. Meeting or exceeding all content schedule timelines. A SMALL SAMPLING OF WHAT YOU’LL BE DOING: Continually develop and raise the standards for all content from HTYC (continual improvement and growth) Lead planning and conception of stories/content (articles, podcast episodes, email, and social media) and own corresponding editorial calendar. Collect content ideas from HTYC clients, podcast listeners, readers, and team-based on questions Project manage content from beginning to end. Write innovative original content for email and website articles using HTYC teachings. Write and test headlines, titles, blurbs, and for target audience responses. Oversee administration and content management of our websites; continually monitor traffic and engagement metrics to optimize the overall website experience and outreach activities. Manage budgets for all content-related expenses. Collaborate with the marketing team to innovate content based on consumer and technology trends; drive the ongoing digital transformation of the newsroom. Ensure that all content supports HTYC goals and priorities. Shape and edit content to a world-leading standard, and coach writers to tell great stories; evaluate performance to consistently improve their work. Ensure that photos, illustrations, videos, and other visuals used in storytelling are top of mind, accurate and appropriate, and enhance the user experience. Serve as an HTYC resource on high-quality writing and storytelling. REQUIRED EXPERIENCE (THE STUFF YOU MUST HAVE): Note: There aren’t numbers of years on here because those are BS, instead if you believe you have 80% plus of what we need, I would encourage you to apply. Significant experience as an editor (maintaining quality standards, developing a narrative, coaching others to improve their writing). Significant experience writing (you probably have written for fun and for work… a lot). Significant experience writing and testing headlines (we might spend 60 minutes on one leading headline, so this is a big deal). All the errors in this posting have to bug you a little bit. Working with email programs (like convertkit, keap, pardot or mailchimp or similar). NON-REQUIREMENTS – THIS MEANS BONUS POINTS IF YOU HAVE: Journalism experience (or love the interview process to get to the truth and also find the story, we need you). Direct Response Copywriting experience. Other Marketing Experience. Background in behavioral science or behavioral psychology. Podcasting… all experiences. Have worked for WSJ, CNN, WNYC, the Muse, or similar institutions. Video or audio content production experience (or just worked around it and are familiar with the process). Have made lots of big career changes yourself. Already are very familiar with our brand and what we stand for – HINT our podcast is a great way to become familiar with what we do. You’ve used scrum, kaizen, or agile work methodologies. (We use these for helping our clients progress and for our own company work). INTERESTS (IT HELPS IF YOU ARE HIGHLY INTERESTED IN MOST, IF NOT ALL, THESE AREAS): Podcasts (obviously), Self Development, Psychology, Human behavior, careers, top performers, quality of life, lifestyle, travel, life hacking, productivity, original content, future of work, meaningful work, research science HAPPEN TO YOUR CAREER VALUES (WE LIVE BY THESE, NOT EVEN KIDDING): Be Ridiculously Helpful – We take care of our people and their people too. We treat others like humans and we exceed expectations in every interaction. Signature Strengths – We do what we are the best at. We use our uniqueness and what we enjoy doing. We enable everyone around us to do the same. It’s Personal – We want every single touch to feel like we care – because we do. This isn’t just work, it’s a representation of us, our clients and how we impact the world. One Life – We go for what scares us; we intentionally get outside our comfort zones and push ourselves and everyone we interact with for growth and we have fun doing it. Leverage – We use technology and systems to do anything that a human doesn’t need to. We use science and research to influence how we do work (and how we teach others to do work and life). Give Pareto a Hug – We fail often and fast and make mistakes early and are transparent about them. We remove what isn’t working and relentlessly seek out and prioritize the top 4% of what works; We call this out every opportunity. This is a nearly 100% remote work project position. The only exception to this is we will get the entire team together several times each year (usually 2-3) partially because we actually like each other, and partially because it’s important to do certain types of work in person. If you’d like to know more about how we do the work, you can check out The Handbook To Working With Scott
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