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Although business development may be defined differently from one company to another, the fundamental principles that aim to create long-term value are universal and apply to all companies, regardless of their size and sector. of activity. Sales people, customer relations managers, marketing managers, engineers, etc. Everyone agrees on the importance of developing turnover, even if this objective can sometimes seem difficult to achieve. Discover some practical and effective advice to get started in business development on the right footing.

Build your professional network, build up your business idea carefully

From the start of your career, you should focus on multiplying your contacts and expanding your professional networks, both inside and outside the company. Take advantage of networking campaigns within your company and proactively explore opportunities that arise to meet people outside of your company. Events related to your industry are golden opportunities that will allow you to introduce yourself to people with whom you share the same professional interests. Thus, you will have the opportunity to lay a solid foundation for your activity, and your business will benefit greatly. Not all the people you meet on the various occasions will necessarily be useful to you, in order to have a great business you have to let it have a powerful foundation, one way you can achieve such a foundation is you to choose a popular business idea, one of is Youtube Channel, but one thing should be mentioned, you have to have quite a consistent liking on youtube to achieve success, or on other hand you can shorten your way and buy youtube likes, so you don’t have to deal with the algorithm.

Trust your intuition

Many entrepreneurs believe that to succeed in business, you have to master the tangible, the analytical, the numbers, the data, etc. However, these skills are supposed to be those of a manager. A good entrepreneur measures the pulse of the market and knows when to jump on the right opportunities. Flair and intuition are, in fact, intrinsic qualities of a serial entrepreneur. After the economic crisis, many employees were made redundant and had to start from scratch. Those who have this 6th sense in business have seized the opportunities that have knocked on their door and have thus been able to start a new start in their professional life. In business development, do not hesitate to trust your intuition by discovering uncharted territories, outside your comfort zone,

Shake up the established order

The major events of the last decade, notably the financial crisis and the collapse of the main international financial institutions, the election in the United States of Barack Obama, the first African-American president, followed in France by the election of Emmanuel Macron , the youngest head of state in the world, show how far things are from being immutable. The most successful entrepreneurs are those who see beyond the status quo and continually challenge the assumptions that often lead to static, set thinking. Don’t be afraid to hire or promote talent outside of traditional profiles and linear experience. The trajectory of success can sometimes break with pre-established hiring norms.

Adopt global HR strategies

A very large team does not necessarily lead to increased productivity or improved turnover. Your team is your most valuable asset, so it makes more sense to focus on improving the performance and skills of your employees and harnessing their energy to seize the best opportunities and solve problems effectively. It’s also important to make sure your business development team is committed to your company’s philosophy and culture. To compose a winning team, it is important, at the time of recruitment, to carefully analyze each new profile in order to be sure that it has its place in the puzzle and that it has the qualities necessary for the development of the business.

 Manage time according to priorities

It is very important to organize yourself and simplify your goods and services for two reasons. First, because your customers need to have a very clear and explicit idea of ​​your offer. And secondly, because you are expected to take the time to manage your business well so that your professional activity does not affect your private life. Many entrepreneurs and business development professionals complain about the lack of time. However, entrepreneurship teaches a skill essential to successful business development: setting clear priorities and goals. The best way to achieve your goals is to focus on them, devoting your time and energy to them. This implies setting aside non-priority items.

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