Look Transformation: 7 Total Makeover Tips for Men and Women

Why does a person want to look and feel good? Is it because they want to impress others, or perhaps they wish to uplift their confidence? Before starting your makeover, ask yourself: Why am I changing my physical appearance? If you answered: I want to impress them, you might need to rethink your choices. However, it is a good foundation if you want to transform yourself for yourself! You can start with eyebrow microblading in Singapore to achieve your desired look. 

To remind you, changing oneself is not for the people around you. Life is not about performing in front of different audiences. It is about focusing on oneself. And, yes, you are not vain just because you want to improve yourself. There is a misconception that people who focus on outer appearance are self-centred. No, they know their worth, as you do. 

Now, if you want to have a change in your life, learn some tips below that can help you with your total makeover. See how you can achieve the Korean glass skin and eyebrows on fleek.

7 Total Makeover Tips for Men and Women

Confidence is subjective, depending on the person. Some find confidence in gaining more money, good looks, career achievements, or even by being a simple person. You can find confidence anywhere as long as you open your eyes! 

But the thing with confidence is that you must never let it get into your head. An unhealthy ego is dangerous, so be mindful of your actions and thoughts when discovering your self-confidence. 

So, keep in mind that improving oneself is for yourself only. Do not feel the need to impress other people. If you want a lips tattoo in Singapore because it makes you feel good, go for it! Do what will make you confidently happy. 

Here are some tips for men and women to start your makeover. 

  1. A New Haircut and Colour

Have you seen the transformation of K-pop idols? Hairstyle and colour can make a difference in your look! Perhaps, you can go to a professional hair stylist and ask what type of hairstyle looks good on you. You can also ask if you can bleach your hair. Try blonde, brown, pink, and green like Taeyong of NCT. Or, if you are comfortable with your natural hair colour, you can focus on looking for the hairstyle that will fit your face shape and personality. 

Try eyeliner embroidery in Singapore to make your new hairstyle look good. One thing to remember is that look for a hairstyle that will make you feel comfortable and beautiful. Do not follow a trend to be in with most people. Just be yourself and seek comfort in knowing that you care for yourself.

  1. Level Up Your Fashion

Fashion is about expressing yourself. You can choose the extravagant, simple, traditional, old-school, or eccentric style. Try more clothes and see what manner will look good on you. On top of this, you can also try shoes, tote bags, and accessories. As you look for your fashion style, you can also rediscover what you like and prefer regarding clothing. 

Your fashion also depends on your styling. And so style yourself according to your fashion preferences. You can try the lips tattoo when wearing a red gown. For men, you can try eyebrow microblading as you wear a suit and tie for a complete fashion makeover. 

  1. Invest in Skincare

Of course, your skin can also affect your appearance, so achieve that Korean glass skin for a better overall look. To do so, you can invest in skincare, starting from cleanser, toner, and moisturiser. You can also try a face mask as it can improve your skin appearance. If you are just a newbie in the skincare industry, you can try to consult a dermatologist to know more about your skin type. 

After knowing your skin type, you can buy the appropriate products to achieve the Korean glass skin look. If you have enough money, you might even want to consider facial treatment every month for maintenance. For sure, it can improve your overall visual appearance.

  1. Improve Your Attitude and Social Skills

Yes, total makeover does not always talk about physical appearance. You also need to consider your attitude and social skills because they affect how you treat others. If you have a timid personality, you can improve this by developing quiet confidence. It means that you know your self-worth without being too loud.

Perhaps, you can be more confident in facing people once you improve your look. Therefore, you can develop social skills for your personal growth. You can try the lash lift and tint to regain your self-assurance when facing in front of other people. After all, who wants to show themselves when they do not feel good about themselves?

  1. Workout Regularly

Aside from undergoing beauty treatments like eyebrow microblading in Singapore, it is also better to work out regularly because it helps your body look healthy and toned. You can hire a fitness trainer to look after your progress. Or better yet, follow tutorials online for a proper and correct posture or form. 

Remember that you must work out by focusing on your effort, not the results. Keep working out and avoid looking at the mirror every second and hour. Your abs or muscles will not come out magically. So, do your best and keep moving forward for your total transformation. 

  1. Attend Beauty Treatments Consistently 

If you ask about the eyebrow embroidery price, it can be expensive because there are many sessions you must undergo. For this reason, you must attend your beauty treatments consistently for better results. Do not miss a session or two as much as possible because it may delay your progress. Also, don’t forget to attend a consultation to know if your brows are healing from the treatment sessions. 

  1. Stay Focused on Yourself

Most importantly, you stay focused on yourself. Prevent comparing yourself with other people because they also have their journey. Stay concentrated on your path, and do not think about other people’s life paths. 


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