Monique Johnson on virtual events to build your business

Since the pandemic, virtual events have evolved and really took off. As such, they provide benefits that can be used as a company to level the playing field against bigger players.

In the episode Virtual Events to Build Your Business, Monique Johnson, founder of LIVE Video Lab and The MOVE Experience, and Shawn Hessinger, Executive Editor for Small Biz Trends, sit down to discuss how small business owners can benefit from this trend to use.

Shawn: Virtual events are nothing new, so why have they become so important to businesses in recent years?

Monique: The world went through the pandemic in 2020, when we literally had to shut down. We didn’t like change, so we flocked to TVs, computers, mobile devices, etc. to keep busy and not get bored.

She says the virtual events we were used to seeing before Covid are not the same kind of virtual events we see now due to the pandemic.

Monique tells us that virtual events are a great way for us to grab people’s attention, raise awareness, or whatever your goals are. She says these are some of the main reasons why virtual events have become so important in recent years.

Shawn: So virtual events are different than before; how are they different?

Monique: There are all kinds of virtual events. Virtual summits before Covid 19 was just the decision, let’s bring together a lot of people, experts; they’re just going to show some slides – maybe pick something and that’s it.

She says virtual crests done correctly, strategically, intentionally, or otherwise aren’t something where you just grab a bunch of people and have a slideshow pop up on the screen.

These days there’s more engagement – there’s more of a connection…more camera look. She adds that there are more people who are saying, okay, how can we make this where we get the audience involved and not just leave who is screaming from one to many?

Webinar before, then close to a real event

Shawn: It sounds to me like it was almost more like a webinar before, and now it’s more of a real event.

Monique: That’s right, and even webinars today are not the same as before. And I think business owners, or experts out there, often cringe at the fact that they can’t just hide behind some slides, right?

The founder of LIVE Video Lab goes on to say that so much has changed, and it’s just a matter of what we can do to keep our audience engaged. Frankly, she says, it’s not about you and your slides, it’s about how you can provide an experience and serve those attending your virtual events.

The benefits of virtual over personal events

Shawn: Now that travel restrictions are easing, you see everyone flocking back to mostly personal events, or do you think some things have changed permanently. And if so, what?

Monique: I know things are getting less, people are opening up again, people love the energy of being personal. And personal is great, but so is virtual.

Unlike a virtual event, they’re in their environment, they’re comfortable – whether they have the opportunity to network, so Zoom’s platform, for example, lets you do a breakout group so it’s smaller groups.

Monique goes on to say that an introverted personality will be more comfortable sharing, or at least saying or being involved, than in a large main room, personal conference, or virtual main room. event on Zoom.

So that’s just a good example, she says. Another thing is the cost. So costs for both purposes, not just the people, the attendees who are going to experience personal things, from buying the ticket itself, booking a flight, booking hotel accommodations, the food, the entertainment – whatever it is that you doing when you get there is drastically lower as opposed to at a virtual event.

Personal vs Virtual Events

While she’s a big believer in virtual events, Monique doesn’t believe that in person is worse, or is something where in person is just going to take over.

Finally, she adds that virtual events can still be part of your business strategy or business model. What she’s seen working in the online space with her clients and colleagues is this: they use virtual events to get people, or strangers who don’t know who they are, to subscribe to their ecosystem and colloquialism in the world.

And then… when they sign up for a program or because they love you so much and tell you they want to meet you in person, she says that’s why she believes virtual events are a lasting one.

Be sure to check out the rest of the video, where you’ll find helpful and actionable tips, such as how to determine factors to consider when organizing your next event in person.

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