Need money but don’t know who to approach:

Ramit Sethi: The approach to take if you don't have money right now

If someone requires emergency cash. And, don’t want to go to relatives or friends to ask for money. Then, there are pledging companies that can help the person in such a situation. Because emergencies can arrive in anyone’s life. And, it is not a big deal. The main problem arrives when the person gets short of cash. In that case, the person doesn’t know what to do. But don’t worry many pledging companies can help the person. The person just needs to contact the company and that’s it.

After that, the person will get contacted by the pledging company. They will ask some simple questions. The paperwork is very simple. And, there isn’t any lengthy process include. So, it is for sure that the person will get the loan amount instantly. Because in an emergency anything can happen at any moment. So, for that person every second count. That is why they don’t take much time to complete the process.

Get cash by pledging van

For pledging people need something to get the cash. And, if someone has a van then they can go with Van pledge [รับจำนำรถตู้, which is the term in Thai]. The person needs to go to the pledging company with the van. The pledging company will first inspect the van. That the van is not damaged and is in running condition. After that, they will check the papers. When everything is found correctly. The company will process the loan amount. That is requested by the person. And, it is almost certain that the person will get 100% of their loan amount.

Try doing some research

Before going to any pledging company make sure to do some research. Because it happens a lot of time. That people get fooled by the pledging company. So, it is better to do some homework. And, then go to only such pledging companies which have a good reputation in the field.  

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