New Gmail design integrates workspace and chat features

Have you noticed the new Gmail design yet? Google has updated its email platform, centering some popular work and business features… well, actually on the left.

New Gmail design integrates workspace and chat features

The updated platform allows users to switch between their inbox, Chat, Spaces and Meet in a clean, streamlined way.

In late January, Google previewed a new layout for Gmail, with deeper integration of Chat, Meet, and Spaces.

On July 28, Google began rolling out the new integrated view in Gmail to all users who have Chat enabled.

The new layout has a sidebar on the left, which allows users to switch between their inbox and Chat, Spaces and Meet. The new layout also includes conversation bubbles, making it easier to communicate in ongoing chats.

Quick Settings

A Quick Settings menu allows users to toggle the apps that appear in the sidebar, meaning they can only use Gmail when they need to, and disable the services they’re not interested in.

For many small businesses, Google Chat has long been an essential tool. Whether used in a one-on-one chat or in a dedicated group workspace, Chat makes it easier for teams to collaborate in an organized way.

In a blog post about the new, even more unified Gmail, Neena Kamath, Product Manager at Google, writes about how the new Gmail layout makes it easier for users to collaborate.

“Now you can optimize Gmail for how you like to stay connected, whether it’s a standalone email application or a hub to easily switch between Chat, Spaces, and video calls in Google Meet. After 18 years of helping people collaborate and get things done, Gmail is now more helpful, adaptable and integrated than ever before.”

Google will let you know how users can enable integrated display in the coming weeks using the new visual configuration option in Settings. Businesses that want to keep their existing Gmail layout can do so.

Material 3 Design

Thanks to Google’s Material 3 design, the latest version of Material Design, with personalization and accessibility features that put people first, users can get the Gmail that best suits their personal style, while benefiting from a clean, new look.

Over the years, Google has made very visual changes such as custom inbox themes, in addition to less visible ones such as AI-based malware, phishing, and spam protection. The new Gmail design that integrates Workspace and Chat features is the latest Google innovation to help users stay productive.

Gmail is constantly evolving to help people around the world stay connected and get things done. With a host of innovative features, including built-in chat capabilities and effective spam filtering and virus protection, Gmail has helped small businesses maintain their professionalism.

Small businesses using Gmail can now enjoy an even more streamlined and innovative way to communicate with colleagues and customers, easily switching between their Inbox, Chat, Spaces and Meet.

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