New Google Workspace features aimed at individual business owners

Google Workspace will soon have a new feature that will allow individual business owners to generate electronic signatures in Google Docs.

New Google Workspace features aimed at individual business owners

The new eSignature feature in Google Docs is integrated by default, allowing users to quickly execute agreements from within the Docs interface without having to switch tabs or open a new app. It will benefit from the same secure infrastructure and built-in protections that Google currently uses to help secure and protect other privacy information.

Google helps solo business owners

Google said in their statement that the electronic signature feature has been implemented specifically to help self-employed entrepreneurs. It should help business owners who struggle to stay on top of contracts and client agreements that need to be signed as they constantly switch contexts and jump between different apps to get their work done.

The new feature also allows business owners to collaborate on document changes, including comments and suggestions, directly in Google Docs, without having to export the file to email a draft contract. Users can also easily drag and drop signature and date fields into any branding documents they create.

Google Workplace Individual for solopreneurs

Google’s statement on the eSignature explains: “In recent years, we’ve seen more people making their own way and turning their personal passions into businesses. These individual business owners, known as ‘solopreneurs’, wear a lot of hats as they run their businesses. and grow it: salesperson, marketer, accountant, the list goes on.

“That’s why we launched Google Workspace Individual a year ago as a new offering to help these self-employed entrepreneurs grow their businesses with the familiar apps they probably already use in their personal lives. We’ve heard from customers that Google Workspace Individual helps them spend their time doing what they love, like meeting customers and designing personalized services, and less time on repetitive tasks like scheduling appointments and sending emails. Since launch, we’ve made a number of improvements to bring even more value to customers, and today we’re announcing what’s coming: electronic signatures directly in Google Docs.”

More eSignature features

Additional aspects of the new eSignature to be able to request a signature once all comments and suggestions are resolved, as easy as sharing a file in Google Drive. Users can also add signatures, meaning that when a document is ready to be signed, the signer can simply add their signature without having to download it. After the signature is added, a completed PDF contract is emailed to both parties.

The eSignature allows users to track and track the progress of pending signatures, as well as easily find completed and signed contracts. In addition, users can make copies of contracts. This is especially useful for signature workflows that need to be repeated frequently. The new process is streamlined by using made copies of existing contracts that can then be modified as needed.

The eSignature feature in Google Docs will soon be available in beta for Google Workspace Individual users.

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