New Snapchat Feature Targeting eBay Sellers

Snapchat has announced a new integration with eBay. Now sellers on eBay can share their listings easily, quickly and efficiently on Snapchat.

New Snapchat Feature Targeting eBay Sellers

Using the Snapchat camera on iOS or Android, sellers can post their items to friends in the popular instant messaging app to give their offers maximum visibility.

For online sellers, promoting for sale items on social media is an effective way to raise awareness of products for sale, present items to the right people, and maximize the chances of item sales.

Integrate eBay listings with Snapchat

By integrating eBay listings with Snapchat, sellers can connect with followers and maximize exposure for their items.

Referring to the benefits of the new feature for buyers and sellers, Snapchat says, “Over 142 million buyers worldwide shop on eBay to find everything from the latest sneaker drops to rare vintage handbags, and now Snapchatters have a seamless way to share what they’ve watched, or even what they’re selling, where conversations with real friends take place.”

Share items on Snap in a few easy steps

Merchants simply select an offer, tap the Share icon, then the “Snapchat” option. The merchant is automatically directed to the Snapchat camera with the automated eBay sticker.

From there, sellers can create an original Snap, accompanied by a professional eBay sticker, and layer with one of Snapchat’s creative tools.

When the seller sends the Snap with an eBay sticker to their story or directly to their friends, the viewer can tap the eBay sticker and they will be taken to the listing in the eBay app.

While sellers can only promote their items to their connections on Snap, there is no cost to the feature, so they can essentially promote products for free.

Snapchat Expands E-Commerce Offerings

The integrated eBay feature is the latest tool in Snapchat’s ecommerce offering. In April 2022, Snapchat started rolling out a new AR feature on its platform. It also introduces a new set of tools for creating and shopping AR content focused on social commerce. This includes a feature called ‘Dress Up’ that allows users to virtually try on clothes, which could be an effective way for clothes sellers to sell more products.

In May of this year, Snapchat introduced several AR-based shopping features, including API-compatible lenses. The company has also updated the Snapchat Lens Studio desktop app, which comes with several advanced tools, including Connected Lenses, which allow customers to interact in real time.

The instant sharing app also allows Amazon sellers to view product listings through the Snap Camera.

It is important for online sellers to stay up to date with new features and integrations with social platforms so that they can stay competitive, reach the maximum number of potential buyers and ultimately sell more products.

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