O Hello Media captures brand stories in memorable ways

Live events and interactions enable brands to make a lasting impression on consumers. However, it is not always possible to meet your target audience in person, especially in recent years.

Fortunately, the right media can convey a similar brand experience. That’s where O Hello Media comes in. The company specializes in photos and videos that really tell the story of a brand or experience. Learn more in this week’s Small Business Spotlight.

What does the company do?

Provides photography and videography services.

Founder and CEO Taryn Covrigaru told Small Business Trends, “O Hello Media lays and produces global photography and videography for brands and experiential marketers with creative services that elevate marketing content to visual brand experiences for greater brand love and loyalty. We create lasting impressions that connect through creativity .”

Business niche

Provides a consistent experience around the world.

Covrigaru says, “O Hello Media has a curated global network of more than 250 highly experienced and skilled photographers and videographers across the country and in select international markets, who have been carefully selected for their unique ability to capture brand stories in an impactful manner. to lay. .”

How the company started

Through personal experiences at events.

Covrigaru explains: “I was producing events for brands across the country, including hiring high-quality photographers and videographers from these cities. And I struggled to find the right talent. It was really challenging to find creators who really understand what it means capturing the story of a brand experience versus a standard event (there are critical differences).”

Biggest win

Working with their first client to provide videography and video editing services.

Covrigaru added: “This project has taken our already deep passion for improving visual content through innovation to a whole new level. Rather than a story that already existed (e.g. a live event), we played an integral role in developing that story and how to share it through videography in an impactful and immersive way. As a result, opportunities arose to do similar work with new brand clients and to continuously fuel our creativity – bringing diversity to our work.”

Biggest challenge

Running during the pandemic.

Covrigaru says, “Like many companies last year, COVID had a direct and immediate impact on my business as 90% of our work relied on live brand experiences.

“I was determined to think of new ways to expand O Hello Media’s offerings. And so I locked myself in the conference room to develop new business solutions that would complement O Hello Media’s current offerings and serve us well in the future. It turns out that locking myself in the conference room to brainstorm new business ideas resulted in a concept designed around idea development…. And so was born O Hello Ideas; an ideation arm of the company.

“O Hello Ideas creates quick and simplified creative ideas for brand and experiential marketers to help them improve their marketing game. Brands and agencies can submit their request for ideas (RFI) and the O Hello Ideas team will draft a brief to produce 12 quality ideas generated by vetted creative thinkers who come up with ideas individually.”

Biggest Risk

Hiring the first employee.

Covrigaru adds: “When it became clear that I needed to hire an employee, I took the risk with a bit of blind naivety that allowed me to move forward without fear. If it had gone wrong, I would have lost time and potentially jeopardized the customer relationships I’d worked so hard to develop if the employee didn’t represent my company’s core values. However, the end result was incredibly positive. And it allowed me to scale and grow my business to take O Hello Media to the next level.”

Lesson learned

Define what you stand for.

Covrigaru explains, “I truly believe that a company cannot have a purpose without first establishing its core values. Core values ​​are the foundation from which every decision is made within the company; like how you hire, what kind of clients you want to work with, your company culture and the kind of projects you will take on or say no to.”

How would they spend an extra $100,000?

Creating Marketing and Community.

Covrigaru says, “I would invest the money in consistent marketing to further raise awareness for the O Hello Media brand. In addition, I would also invest in a system to manage and create a community within our global network of photographers and videographers, allowing us to diversify our network and strengthen our culture.”

Work philosophy

Work like a duck.

Covrigaru explains: “Here at O ​​Hello Media we call ourselves ducks. This stems from one of our 6 core values: Operate like a duck. Our bustle propels us forward as we glide above water with grace. When you imagine a duck on the water, her own power propels her along with rapid paddling underwater. But on the surface, it moves easily and smoothly. It’s something that almost anyone can relate to and it just fits our personality and drive so perfectly. Keep it smooth, hurry, but always stay positive, whatever you have to do to get from point A to point B.”

favorite quote

A unique lyrics.

Covrigaru says, “My favorite quote is a lyric from my all-time favorite band, Guster. The song is called ‘The Captain’. And it says, ‘It’s simple, the captain says: look ahead, move slowly, move forward. “

“This resonates with me because in any kind of leadership we have a growth mindset – for ourselves and the people we lead. But it’s easy to get stuck – or to move forward with such speed and intensity that what matters often overlooked. Or sometimes we have no choice but to constantly look back. This is about determination, but with vision and care.”

Image: O Hello Media, Taryn Covrigaru

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