Online casino and live casino – An in-depth differentiation!

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Online gambling has gained massive popularity all over the world as it offers excellent convenience to gambling lovers. People can play their favorite casino game sitting in their bed comfort via the internet. It provides great benefits to them, which makes it a better experience than visiting a land casino. For instance, online casinos are open 24×7, and you can play games at any time, anywhere, which removes all the restrictions and boundations. A new kind of online gambling known as the live casino, has become a hot topic nowadays.

Live casinos provide the players with a real-time human dealer who deals the cards and spins the balls over live video streaming. It offers a realistic experience and creates an environment of a real casino around the player. Live dealer casinos offer different options to the player, such as live chat, which allows them to interact with the dealer and enhance their gameplay. Live casinos are a relatively new type of online gambling, which is the primary reason why most people are not aware of the significant differences between live casinos and online casinos. There are certain features and attributes that make live casinos and online casinos different from each other.

Some of the major points of difference between live casino and online casino

Dealer in the game

One of the most significant differences between the live casino and online casino is the dealer dealing the cards. The live casino has a real human dealer who handles the game over a live stream and also interacts with the player, whereas in an online casino, there is no dealer as it is based on a random number generator mechanism. Live casino is much more fun as there is a live dealer; you can interact with him, which makes it more exciting. In the online casino, there is no interaction, and it is a casino game purely based on luck and predictions.


Live casino is much more advanced technology as it uses live video streaming in which a real dealer deals the cards whereas, in online casinos, the RNG system generates different combinations of numbers and allows the players to make the prediction. Live casino games are more advanced and offer a more realistic and exciting experience. The live casino has a live chat feature that will enable you to talk with the dealer sitting at your home.


Another important thing that makes online casino and lives casino different is the location where both of them are played. However, the features and rules are almost the same in both of them, but in an online casino, you can join the room using your device, which has an Internet connection. You can join the room at any time, and you have complete freedom to make your moves without any fear. In the live casino, you can enjoy the environment of a real land casino as a real dealer deals with the card, which gives you the same feel of real-time casino gaming. You can also participate in the game as you can interact with the dealer.


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