PayPal and Venmo Offer $10K Scholarships and One US City Has $17M in COVID Scholarships

With inflation at record levels, purchasing costs are a major problem for small businesses as they replenish their inventory. From food to manufacturing supplies, the high costs hit small business owners across the country. Cost is just one problem faced by businesses in this economy, which is why subsidies provide some relief.

Public and private organizations regularly offer grants to address these challenges. The key to getting these grants is to stay informed about when they are available and apply as soon as possible. You must also meet the criteria of the scholarships to stand a chance and as always you will not stand a chance if you do not apply. So take a look at these scholarships and apply for the scholarships you are eligible for, and good luck.

The impact of COVID-related business problems is still there. That’s why communities in the US still offer grants to help small business owners with a wide variety of problems. From improving venues to participating in industry events, construction and more.

Small Business News Feed – August 11, 2022

Why is Bitcoin up this week?

According to Coinbase, at one point on Thursday, Bitcoin’s price reached $24,748.43, up 4.81% with 24-hour trading. Thursday’s rise is a continuation of the rally by the leading cryptocurrency, whose price has risen 7.69% in just one week. Bitcoin currently has a market cap of $470.5 billion and currently has a circulating supply of 19,118,581 BTC coins.

TikTok opens application period for support for Black Businesses Accelerator

TikTok has announced that they are now accepting applications for the third round of their Support Black Businesses Accelerator program. TikTok Support Black Businesses Accelerator Program The program is designed to elevate the voices of Black Business companies on TikTok’s increasingly popular platform through exclusive access to resources, benefits and networking opportunities.

Egg prices are up 47% this year – how high will it get?

According to retail analytics firm Information Resources Inc, egg prices rose 47% in July compared to what they cost a year ago. The price of nearly every grocery item has exploded over the past year, driven by factors such as high production costs, rising fuel, supply chain hitches and more.

Truckers Face Important IRS Deadline

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has announced that taxpayers who must file heavy vehicle tax returns, or Form 2290, must do so before the August 31, 2022 payment deadline.

New Gmail design integrates workspace and chat features

Have you noticed the new Gmail design yet? Google has updated its email platform, centering some popular work and business features… well, actually on the left. New Gmail Design Integrates Workspace and Chat Features The updated platform allows users to switch between their inbox, Chat, Spaces and Meet in a clean, streamlined way.

Debate heats up over the impact of the Inflation Reduction Act on small businesses

On Sunday, August 8, 2022, the Senate passed bill HR 5376, the Inflation Act of 2022, a climate change, health care and tax package. The vote in the Senate was passed along partisan lines by a narrow margin of 51 to 50.

Woodworker’s YouTube Success Story Can Be Your Business Inspiration

There are quite a few successful YouTubers today, many of which owe their popularity to video game live streams. But there’s another kind of success that can be had on YouTube, and a humble woodworker showed us the way. Woodworker’s YouTube Success Story Could Be Your Business Inspiration Texas native April Wilkerson runs a woodworking channel with over 1.

California man pleads guilty to multimillion-dollar PPP loan fraud

A California man has been found guilty of conspiring with others in schemes involving millions of dollars in inflated tax returns and operating the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP). California man pleads guilty to tax and PPP loan fraud According to the Justice Department, Thanh Ngoc Rudin and his brother conspired with others to commit two series of fraud schemes.

Why are gas prices falling?

Gasoline prices, which had reached record highs in recent months, are now falling sharply, approaching an average of $4 a gallon across the county. According to the American Automobile Association (AAA), average gas prices reached $4,059 Monday, August, down from $4,212 a week ago. Gas prices have fallen steadily from the all-time high of $5.

Fun facts for the National Farmers Market Week (7-13 August)

Farmers’ markets across the country will celebrate National Farmers’ Market Week from August 7-13, 2022. With more than 8,600 registered farmers’ markets across the country, the week-long events will support the farm-to-fork movement and highlight the role farmers’ markets play. in supporting healthy communities and boosting local economies.

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