Prime Pageants creates a completely different Pageant experience

Parades are usually known for their competitive nature. But Prime Pageants turns this concept into something new. By creating a cooperative mastermind group, the organization aims to help all participants achieve their goals. Learn more about the intriguing concept below in this week’s Small Business Spotlight.

What does the company do?

Offers a new kind of pageant experience.

Founder Kristen Ayers told Small Business Trends, “We have the first-ever national personal improvement/self-care electoral system with a built-in women mastermind. The women create goals for themselves, therefore create a support and accountability group, then document their journey and seek other people and organizations to work together within their community, then compete to be Ms. or Ms. USA Prime.

Business niche

Help all participants improve.

Ayers explains: “We are shaking up the industry by guiding our leaders, who we always consider the VIP customer, to the best of our ability. The mastermind is a fairly new concept, which takes the focus away from the competition and opens the door to opportunities. light that the women have all year to really improve, win or lose their lives, but positive competition can certainly be a motivator and help keep goals on track, so it just makes sense.”

How the company started

After experiencing other pageants.

Ayers says, “I’m a serial entrepreneur and became a pageant queen in a different system. I was hoping for something different and knew that if I wanted it, I’d have to create it.”

Biggest win

Help participants make a difference.

Ayers adds, “We are certified to present the President’s Volunteer Service Award and the Personal Improvement Visionary Award to any participant who meets the criteria by either volunteering in their community or performing the tasks that enhance their self-care journey. . One of the biggest wins is that we are attracting women who are looking for this kind of platform to make a difference.”

Biggest risk

Coming up with a brand new concept.

Ayers says: “The concept could have been viewed negatively. But every month there are more and more women asking to be part of the mastermind of our state title leaders and really wanting to get involved in September.”

How would they spend an extra $100,000?

Offer more opportunities to participants.

Ayers adds: “Take care of the state and national title leaders and give them as many opportunities as possible.”

Favorite pastime

Introduce participants to each other.

Ayers explains: “Every year we have multiple Prime Queen Launch Party Weekends where the queens come together to get to know each other, work on self-care, experience something new and just enjoy the moments. For example, we just got back from Myrtle Beach, SC and spent quality time at the beach together.”

Image: Prime Pageants, Kristen Ayers

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