Prince Charles’ charity received a $1.2 million donation from Osama Bin Laden’s family in 2013: report

Charles, Prince of Wales, received a £1 million donation for his charity from the relatives of Osama bin Laden, who is believed to be the mastermind of the 9/11 attacks.

What happened: The future king of the United Kingdom is said to have accepted payment in 2013 from Bakr bin Laden, the patriarch of the Saudi family, and his brother Shafiq, according to The Sunday Times report.

The donation was made two years after Laden was shot dead by US special forces at a compound near Islamabad in Pakistan.

The report indicated that Prince Charles agreed to the donation despite objections from advisers at Clarence House and the Prince of Wales Charitable Fund (PWCF), where the money was donated.

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What the Report Says: According to the publication’s sources, several of Charles’s advisers, including one of the trustees, had personally asked Charles to return the money. They even told the prince that “it wouldn’t be good for anyone” if the media revealed that he had taken money from the family of the perpetrator of the worst terrorist attack in history.

However, the royal family member would have found it too embarrassing to return the money, as they would suspect the reason.

Clarence House disputed the news report, saying the decision to accept the donation to the Prince of Wales’s Charitable Fund was made solely by trustees.

“A due diligence has been conducted, seeking information from a wide range of sources, including the government. The decision to accept the donation was made entirely by the Trustees. Any attempt to suggest otherwise is misleading and inaccurate.”

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