Psychological Disorders—How To Stop Drugs?

Are you a consumer or drug user and want to stop being? It is known that it is not so simple to leave addiction, but, of course, it is not impossible whenever you want.

It is possible that you are one of those people who say they do not have an addiction that they only consume at specific moments, that they have it under control and when they want to leave it. Well, do the test. Try to leave it and watch what happens. If the withdrawal syndrome appears, you have an addiction.

Withdrawal syndrome consists of a series of symptoms, which in general terms are the opposite of those that appear when you are under the effect of the drug.

If the drug you consume gives you euphoria and lots of activity; in the withdrawal syndrome, you will feel the opposite: decay and apathy.

If on the contrary, what you consume leaves you with a feeling of relaxation and well-being, when you try to leave it, you will feel agitation and irritability. Although anxiety and irritability indeed occur in most withdrawal syndromes; apart of course, from the intense desire to consume.

Wanting To Stop Drugs

If you finally prove that yes; that you do have an addiction and decide to leave it, there is a crucial step to start with. It is always the first of all, and I assure you that without it, you cannot leave it; and it wants to leave it, but want to.

At this point, ask yourself a question: “Why do I want to quit?” Do not ask why, but the what for. That is, find your reasons to stop drugs.

If the answer has to do with yourself, as; “So that this does not destroy my life,” “to be able to be healthy,” “to feel good about myself,” then, it is evident that you want to leave it.

If on the contrary, your answers have to do with others like, “so that my family is proud of me,” “so that my friends see that yes I can, then, you would have to reconsider it; because it is not so clear.

If you intend toquit drugs[เลิกยาเสพติด,which is the term in Thai] for anyone other than you, to please anyone other than yourself, chances are you will not get it.

Reinforce Your Decision

If you are ultimately determined to leave them, there is an exercise that can reinforce that decision even more.

Make a list, in writing, of all the inconveniences that drug use has for you. Do not write down very general things; as “it destroys my life.” Be more concrete, in what situations it hurts you exactly. From how it affects your skin, your hair, your social relationships, your family relationships, your economy, etc.

On the other hand, make another list of the advantages of stopping consumption; an equal list of concrete than the previous one. Put the two in a place where you can see them, and you can read them often.


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