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Making a sale, educating employees, giving presentations and communicating with teammates all require one thing in common: speaking. Speaking and communication facilitate the day-to-day running of any company. Public speaking is crucial for every entrepreneur and leader. There are several offers with online public speaking courses

Popular public speaking courses

Some of the popular online public speaking courses are listed below.

Complete Public Speaking Pro Masterclass for every occasion

Updated for 2022 Complete Public Speaking Pro Masterclass For Every Occasion teaches you how to look comfortable and how to look relaxed and confident in any scenario. The 31-hour classes cover everything about public speaking, public speaking, communication skills and storytelling. The course is intended for beginners, intermediate and advanced students.

Public Speaking: Give a Great Informative Speech

Public Speaking: Deliver a great informative speech, learn how to deliver effective speeches by avoiding data dumping and making your important ideas memorable. Lessons also include presentation skills and how to get your audience to care about your information. You will also learn how to provide information in an interesting way.

The Complete Guide to Overcoming the Fear of Public Speaking

The Complete Guide to Overcoming the Fear of Public Speaking offers a super-effective 8-step method to “turn negative fear into positive thoughts and confidence”. Lessons include 7 steps to create engaging slideshows, 16 ways presenters look nervous and how to avoid them, 5 rules for attracting speakers, and tricks to calm yourself mentally, physically and emotionally.

Hacking public speaking

Hacking Public Speaking shows you how to design and shape your story around your service or product. In this course, you’ll learn how to replicate the best TED Talks and TED Talk speakers, engage with each audience and keep their interest, and present your message in a fun way without sounding boring. In addition, you will learn efficient memory techniques to remember the content of your topic during the speech.

The complete training for presentation and public speaking

Focusing on presentation, full presentation and public speaking training allows you to create content and structure your presentation. It involves showing you how to boost your confidence, create effective slides, deliver your ideas and achieve your goal, and present yourself, including what and how to dress. And finally, it shows you the 25 presentation guides and 25 speech guides for 25 different types of speeches.

Effective presentation and TED-like public speaking

Effective presentation and TED-style public speaking teach you the analysis, structure and delivery of your presentation/story. It shows how to motivate and influence your audience, deliver memorable speeches and be a key speaker, and feel safe with audiences of all sizes. Plus, you’ll get tips on world-class speaking styles.

Charisma on camera for YouTube stars: YouTube marketing

Prepared specifically for online speaking, On-Camera Charisma for YouTube Stars teaches you to speak confidently over videos, create engaging videos, conduct interviews, host a program or online course, and look your best while doing so. Lessons also cover framing posts, connecting with viewers and students, and the basics of media training.

Public Speaking and Facilitator Certification

Public Speaking Training & Facilitator Certification provides 10 unique ingredients to deliver a memorable speech. It shows how to create strategies to deal with your fear of public speaking, create an authoritative voice, know what to say and how to say it, stage presence, command and communication. After completion you will receive the Professional Workshop Facilitator (PWF) certificate.

Public Speaking and Presentations Pro: No Beginners Allowed!

In this Advanced Speaking and Presentations Pro class you will learn the ‘James Earl Jones effect’ to exude confidence while speaking. It also shows you 5 steps to introduce yourself to get your audience to believe you, 4 keynote speaker presentation methods, how to write, organize and prepare your presentation, and much more.

Acumen Presents: Chris Anderson on Public Speaking

Designed by the head of TED, Acumen Presents: Chris Anderson on Public Speaking explains the most direct and impactful ways to start your talk and engage your audience. In this top-rated course, you’ll learn how to structure your lecture with 5 different ways to do it, and leave an impression on your audience.

Whether you are a business owner training employees, a freelancer presenting offers, a salesperson giving a sales pitch or raising money for your business, public speaking skills come in handy and are sometimes the differentiator. All of the above courses offer a 30-day money-back guarantee, certificate of completion, and lifetime access to learning materials and video on mobile and television.

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