Reasons For Getting Long Term Or Monthly Car Leasing Rental In Singapore

Singapore is known for its efficient public transport system. Its trains, buses, and taxis can take its residents to and from every corner of the country. But despite the system’s effectiveness, some individuals prefer owning a vehicle or getting a monthly car leasing plan. Driving a private vehicle around the city may suit their lifestyle better, or they have had unpleasant experiences riding buses and trains, causing them to want to use cars for their comfort and privacy.

Aside from having strangers travelling with you to and from your destination, using the public transport system can bring nuisances. Overcrowded terminals, especially during rush hours, are enough to make you feel stressed—especially now that the world is troubled with highly infectious illnesses. You may also face long ticket lines at train and bus stations, which may cause you to run late for school or work. Moreover, public transit fares keep rising. The total amount you pay for these fees may be comparable to the price of settling a long term car rental in Singapore.

If you feel tired of using public transport to take trips in and around the country, you can opt to purchase a private vehicle. The unparalleled comfort and convenience of using such automobiles have benefitted thousands of individuals on the island—and so should you. 

However, buying a new automobile can be expensive. Additionally, obtaining a registration for it may be challenging since the authorities enforce strict car ownership rules. Should you choose to get a Singapore car leasing plan instead?


|. Reasons For Getting Long Term Car Rental

Short and long term car rental plans have been a prevalent transport option for many. Instead of purchasing a private vehicle, they choose to lease an automobile to drive to and from work, attend business trips, and take vacations around the country. But are these services worth getting? What are the benefits of leasing an automobile for specified periods? Scroll through to find out.

A. No Car Maintenance Responsibilities

Owning a vehicle means having the responsibility to take it to the mechanic for regular checkups and repairs. You will still be liable for damages when you get a monthly car leasing plan, but the rental company will bear the weight of maintaining the automobile to keep it in the best shape possible.

B. Offers Comfort And Convenience

Many individuals purchase private vehicles to feel at ease when travelling for work or leisure. But what if you only want automobiles for convenience and not for the responsibility of looking after and maintaining them? Find a Singapore rental company offering car leasing services!

C. Offers Freedom For Travelling

Business trips and vacations can be challenging if trains and buses cannot take you to your destination. Since public transport vehicles only have specific pick-up and drop-off points, you will have to transfer to a different transportation mode to reach your venue. Fortunately, getting a short or long term car rental service will allow you to travel wherever you want. No matter how remote your destination may be, your leased vehicle will take you there.

D. Can Be Cheaper Than Buying A New Car

Signing up for a weekly or monthly car leasing service will cost you money—but not as much as buying a new vehicle and spending hefty sums to repair and maintain it. Some companies may even partner with various brands to allow lessees like you to obtain discounts and perks in different establishments while driving your rental car.

E. New Ride Every Few Months

Believe it or not, leasing a vehicle will allow you to drive a new ride every few weeks or months. After renewing your contract with your chosen rental company, you can pick a different automobile model to take out and use for your errands and trips. You can even get a luxury car rental in Singapore and allow yourself to drive the world’s finest vehicles without spending millions or billions of dollars.

F. Accessibility Of Car Rental Companies

Getting a long term car rental service in Singapore is not as challenging as you think. With a quick Google or Bing search, you can locate the best vehicle leasing companies offering the car models that suit your preferences, needs, and budget. You may not even have to search far and wide for such establishments since they may reach you through online and in-person advertisements.


||. Ways To Save Money On Long Term Car Rental

Now that you know the perks of getting a long term car rental service, you may begin to look for a vehicle leasing company that can offer you the plan you need. But before doing so, you should learn how to save costs on such rental programmes and dedicate your money to other aspects of your trip. Scroll through to learn how to minimise your expenses when getting a car leasing service.

  1. Compare car rental prices before leasing one to ensure you get your money’s worth.
  2. Watch out for discounts since short and long term car rental companies frequently offer promo codes and vouchers.
  3. Avoid getting car leasing plans during holidays and peak seasons to avoid sky-high rental costs.
  4. Look for damages before leaving the car rental company. If you see a dent or chip, take a photo of it to keep the lessor from charging you for such issues.
  5. Refuse add-ons since Singapore car leasing companies impose high mark-ups on these items.
  6. Watch out for late return fees. Your chosen rental company will ask you to settle a hefty sum if you fail to take the vehicle back on time. 

|||. Book A Long Term Car Rental Today!

Getting a long term car rental in Singapore is one of the best ways to travel around the country. These services will allow you to reap the benefits of owning a vehicle without facing the headache-inducing responsibilities of looking after it. Such programmes will let you save transportation costs, drive different car models every few months, and experience comfort, convenience, and freedom.
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