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Whether you’re moving house, storing your files, or shipping products to customers, your small business needs boxes. In this era of eCommerce, cardboard shipping boxes have increasingly become a popular choice because they are convenient, affordable and durable. The shipping boxes come in different shapes, sizes and materials. The thickness of the boxes also varies. For example, the single-wall cardboard boxes are a good option for shipping lightweight products that are unlikely to be damaged in transit, while the double-wall cardboard shipping boxes are best for shipping heavier items or fragile products because they are more difficult to dent, tear, or bow. There are tons of cheap shipping boxes online, so we’ve done our research to bring you some of the best.

Best Cardboard Boxes For Shipping

Aviditi White Corrugated Cardboard Shipping Boxes – 50 Pieces

Aviditi White Corrugated Corrugated Cardboard Shipping Boxes

Top Picks: Aviditi’s Small Shipping Cardboard Boxes are perfect for shipping small, lightweight breakable items. These mailers are super strong, yet lightweight to save on postage. They are crush resistant, so you can ship your small, breakable items without worrying about breakage. The unique “Wave-Rule” edge virtually eliminates paper cutting.

Aviditi white corrugated cardboard shipping boxes

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Hoikwo Cardboard Boxes – 20 Pack

Hoikwo 12x9x4 black shipping boxes

Runner Up: Add a little flair to your products using the Hoikwo boxes. These small shipping boxes are made from lightweight, yet durable corrugated cardboard. The 12x9x4 cardboard boxes can be folded in seconds without tape, glue or staples. These boxes use a black color on the outside which makes them unique and also super easy to customize. You can use ribbons, labels or stickers to create a unique box. These boxes are perfect for storing, packing and shipping small items.

Hoikwo corrugated boxes

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PETAFLOP Corrugated Shipping Boxes – 25 Pieces

PETAFLOP Shipping Boxes 4x4x4 White Cardboard Box Kraft Corrugated Small Shipping Boxes

Best Value: PETAFLOP Cardboard Boxes are 100% recyclable, offer excellent heat dissipation and are super sturdy. They come in eight different sizes, so you can be sure that there is at least one size that fits your needs. They are white on the outside which is a great opportunity for you to decorate and label them however you like. These corrugated boxes are easy to assemble and ideal for shipping dry, lightweight items.

PETAFLOP Shipping Boxes

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Amazon Basics Assorted Cardboard Boxes – 30 Pack

Amazon Basics Cardboard Moving Boxes

These Amazon boxes are definitely ideal if you need different sizes of shipping boxes, whether that be small, medium or large. They are made from a professional single-wall corrugated board construction, making them ideal for shipping dry, lightweight items. The pre-folded flaps simply fold into a box. These multi-purpose boxes can also be used for relocation and storage.

Amazon Basics Various Cardboard Boxes

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RLAVBL Corrugated Shipping Boxes – 20 Pieces

RLAVBL Shipping Boxes 12x9x4 Set of 20

These shipping boxes are made of high-quality recyclable corrugated cardboard, which is sturdy and lightweight. Available in two sizes 12x9x3 inches and 12x9x4 inches, these boxes are perfect for shipping small and lightweight items such as cookies, toys, small soaps, and so on. The edges are smooth and neat with no burrs. They look very nice as a whole and are a perfect companion for your merchandise.

RLAVBL Corrugated Shipping Boxes

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Pratt Corrugated Boxes – 100 Pieces

Pratt PRA0410 100% Recycled Corrugated Box

If you’re looking for sturdy little cardboard boxes for shipping, look no further than the Pratt. These perfect 8x8x8 inch cube boxes are perfect for shipping and your customers can use them again and again as gift packaging. These boxes are made in the USA from 100% recycled paper. They are available in both 25 and 100 packs.

Pratt Corrugated Boxes

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HORLIMER shipping boxes – 25 pieces

HORLIMER 13x10x2 inch Shipping Boxes Set of 25

These shipping boxes are an excellent ally when it comes to professionalism. The single-wall corrugated boxes are made from recyclable cardboard, which is lightweight, sturdy and durable for everyday use. They are available in more than seven sizes, which is enough variety to suit your needs. What sets these boxes apart is the white exterior, which makes it super easy to customize the box by simply adding your branded labels.

HORLIMER Shipping boxes

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What should you pay attention to when buying cardboard boxes for shipping?

If you regularly ship products to your customers, it is a great idea to buy wholesale shipping boxes as it will save you money. However, price alone is not the only thing to keep in mind. Quality, size, thickness, customizability and usage are just some of the extra things to keep in mind. Let’s dive into each of these features.

Quality: The best cardboard boxes are lightweight, but also sturdy and durable. You need a box that can withstand transit. The last thing you need is for your items to arrive torn and dented because the box was too weak for transport. Kraft paper on the outside is usually better because it is tougher and much more water resistant than its counterparts. Thickness: The single-wall cardboard boxes do a great job of shipping lightweight items that are unlikely to be damaged in transit. Choose double-walled boxes if you are shipping heavier or fragile items, as they are more difficult to dent, tear or bend. Customizability: Shipping boxes are also a perfect opportunity to promote your brand. There is a whole range of colors to choose from. Size: Obviously, buying a large box to ship a small item is both wasteful and unnecessary. Consider the size of the items you are shipping and look for boxes that will fit. Some sellers have an assorted list of boxes to meet different needs. Shape: While the most common cardboard boxes are rectangles and squares, they are not the only shapes available. Please make sure to read the box dimensions carefully before making a purchase.

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