Rental Tips: 12 Hacks for a Serviced Apartment Rental in Singapore

Various life circumstances may prompt you to get a service apartment for rent in Singapore. For many, the goal is to find a home away from home with all the necessary amenities. The concept is that you can move into these fully furnished apartments with the added luxury of space, separate areas for relaxing, cooking, and sleeping, and the confidence that you can handle an extended stay. It is a step up from a hotel room, suitable for a short-term stay but not exactly conducive to a long-term stay.

As is the case with any accommodation, to find the ideal serviced apartment rental in Singapore – one must be considerate, as each individual’s needs and desires will be unique. Here is a comprehensive guide to life hacks for those seeking to stay in a serviced apartment to aid in the selection process.

1. Increase exposure to natural light.

It may appear to be an impossible task, but it is straightforward. When possible, opt for sheer curtains (or none at all). Put in some real effort to clean the windows and evaluate any physical obstructions blocking your light to determine if they are removable. In addition, strategically placing mirrors in your affordable serviced apartment in Singapore will increase the overall illumination.

2. Make seasonal adjustments to your ceiling fan direction.

Yes, your ceiling fans are reversible. It’s unlikely you’ve ever considered this, but this is a game-changer. On the motor housing of every ceiling fan is a small knob or switch that allows the fan to rotate either clockwise or counterclockwise. In the summer, you want to push the cool air down, so set the direction of your ceiling fan clockwise. It is also more efficient at distributing the air conditioner’s cool air throughout the room.

3. Buy a faux fireplace.

Even if your service apartment hotel in Singapore existed for the last ten years, that does not mean it must be sterile and contemporary. One of the best ways to add vintage charm to a rental is to purchase a faux fireplace, which can enhance the ambience and make the living room or bedroom feel extra cosy.

4. Replace the bathroom mirror.

While you may not be able to replace your slide-in ceramic shower-bath combination, a few accent pieces can make a significant difference in a bathroom. Add a stylish frame to your current mirror, or replace it with a chic mirror that will elevate the space.

5. Upgrade your light fixtures.

Occasionally, replacing a drab, out-of-date light fixture with a new one is all it takes to spruce up a service apartment in Singapore. To make a truly unique design statement, you can also merely conceal existing light fixtures with a stylish lampshade, a coat of paint, or an embellished ceiling light.

6. Convert a closet into a beautiful home office.

While “cloffices” were all the rage during the pandemic, they can continue to be essential if you continue to work remotely or have a hybrid schedule. In addition, with a bit of strategic planning, you can still create a capsule wardrobe without discarding your entire closet.

7. Amplify your living area by installing a balcony awning.

Whether you have a growing party or enjoy hosting parties, adding shade is one of the easiest ways to maximise service apartment outdoor space in Singapore. If you have a balcony, installing a stylish awning can impact how you use your home and make this space usable in all types of weather. Office space outdoors, anyone?

8. Use plywood as your wall material.

Want to make holes in your walls? How about hanging several photographs? If you use a large piece of plywood on a wall, you can perform these tasks without causing any damage to your walls. It can be cut into a unique shape or left uncut to achieve the desired appearance.

9. Use a curved curtain rod to expand the shower’s space.

It is one of those brilliant service apartment hacks in Singapore that will make you wonder why you never thought of it before. A curved curtain rod can make a little tub shower feel considerably bigger. It securely drills into the tub wall and curves up to 72 inches. Just be sure to purchase an extra-long shower curtain liner to prevent water from spilling onto the floor.

10. Rent your tools, don’t buy.

This service apartment hack in Singapore is not something you would consider, but it will save you a tonne of time on future home improvement projects. And if you don’t have the necessary equipment to upgrade your space (circular saw, carpet cleaners, etc.), you can still do the work on a budget. Consider renting the necessary tools for your project. It will save you a fortune on upfront costs that discourage individuals from attempting the projects.

11. Build your kitchen cabinets.

In a service apartment for rent in Singapore, consider installing shelves if you’re not fond of your cabinets. If you’re organised and skilled with simple tools, you might consider removing the cabinet doors and storing them until you’re ready to move out.

12. Utilise adhesive and removable hooks for pot and pan lids.

If you only use removable hooks to hang pictures and jewellery, you are not maximising the usefulness of this device. Line them up inside your cabinet door to hold items such as pot lids and colanders, or arrange three of them in the shape of a triangle to secure a large cover. They are tight, safe, and reversible for when you leave.

There are numerous low-cost apartment hacks available to improve your new home. All these solutions are temporary and will not affect your ability to receive your security deposit back when you vacate the premises. If you replace any light fixtures, cabinet pulls, or light switches in your service apartment in Singapore, save them and store them in a secure location. Before beginning a home improvement project, adhere to the instructions included with any peel-and-stick wall accessories and review the terms of your lease.

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