A Small Business Future in Location Independence?

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This past year has certainly hit many small businesses the hardest as opportunities to operate as usual had dried up early and newer approaches were needed in order to succeed – on the other hand, however, many were perfectly primed to make the big changes needed to thrive in the newer business landscape and there are many opportunities popping up for smaller businesses moving forward too. The biggest change had certainly been for the shift to remote work, something that has certainly benefitted the logistic approach of a small business, but things could go a step further with more location independent businesses too

Offline opportunities – For the businesses that aren’t looking to turn to online services as a way to promote themselves, there are plenty of opportunities that have popped up offline to allow a busines to succeed too – the launch of many different remote working visas have become a great tool for the growing number of digital nomads as some here have already highlighted the benefits of them, and if you’ve already got a dedicated customer base and would like to become location independent they certainly allow your business to move a lot more freely and explore many different markets.

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Opportunities are online too – One of the bigger challenges for building a smaller business is within  getting the initial client base to get things moving, fortunately there are now plenty of services online like Fiverr that promote a more  freelance approach and if you’re an individual setting up a small business this can certainly help get your foot in the door, and with the platform being largely aimed at freelancers and other similar markets it allows for yet more location independence as there’s no requirement for you to stay in one place – this may certainly help broaden your potential customer base, or even provide a much better environment to work from.

Many smaller businesses are certainly looking primed to be in a strong position moving forward, with more flexibility than ever and opportunities that many larger businesses may not be able to pursue – the next few months in particular will be the most telling on how well these changes can hold and whether or not big changes will continue to be made. The success stories will also start to emerge in the same time frame as those getting a jump on the changes early will be in a very strong position and will be able to lay out a blueprint to success for others to follow, as well as show the pitfalls that may appear on the way. 

If you are looking to make a change as a small business owner or even an individual looking to get your own small business started, then these are certainly some options to explore, and may provide a much bigger benefit than previously realised.


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