Small Business Grants Rental Support, Technical Assistance, Employee Retention

Today’s small businesses require resources for a wide variety of operational needs, from rental to technical support. Small business grants can help new and existing businesses cover some of these costs. Currently, there are many programs available for companies in various industries and markets. Here are a few to ponder this week.

San Jose Small Business Rent Relief Program

The City of San Jose, California recently extended the deadline for its Small Business Rent Relief Program 2.0. The program offers up to $15,000 in grants to support small businesses that have built up rent or utility debt related to COVID-19. Businesses that have missed payments between March 24, 2020 and August 19, 2021 may be eligible for this emergency funding, which is covered by federal US Rescue Plan Act dollars. Enterprise Foundation through Access Small Business Development Center administers the program for the city, so eligible businesses can apply online before the new June 30 deadline.

Overland Park ARPA Grants for Small Businesses

Overland Park, Kansas recently announced three new grant programs to support local businesses. The first program is the Impacted Industries Fund, which will provide grants to companies in sectors that have lost workers during the pandemic, including education services, mining and food services. The second program, the Small Business Rescue Fund, supports any business looking to offset economic losses or cover improvement and hiring needs, including childcare support for employees. The third programme, the Hotel Fund, will provide specific assistance to catering companies in Overland Park. All programs are funded through the American Rescue Plan Act and offer prizes up to $50,000. The city also pays special attention to businesses owned by women, minorities, and businesses serving low- to middle-income residents.

Wayne County Small Business Hub

Wayne County, Michigan launches a new $54 million fund called the Wayne County Small Business Hub. This program provides grants and technical assistance to both new and existing businesses across the province. To qualify, companies must have 50 employees or fewer, and the province will give priority to minority-owned or female-owned companies, as well as micro-enterprises with ten employees or fewer. Grants are distributed through local non-profit organizations and chambers of commerce. These organizations assess the financing applications and determine the amount to be allocated to each company on a case-by-case basis.

Small Business Incentive Program in Tri-City

The Tri-City Regional Chamber of Commerce in Washington offers $30,000 in grants to local businesses. Running in partnership with Washington River Protection Solutions, the Small Business Incentive Program has awarded more than $330,000 since 2011. This year, they will support about 30 businesses, receiving up to $1,000 each. The 2022 grant program accepts applications from June 6 to July 1. From there, completed applications will be drawn into a draw, with 30 winners chosen at random.

LISC Jacksonville Scholarships

Local Initiatives Support Corporation Jacksonville, Florida currently has a $1 million grant program to support local small businesses. The organization has already awarded most of the funding, which will come from the city of Jacksonville. However, some grants are still available, so small businesses can still apply. To qualify, small businesses must have annual sales of less than $2 million, serve historically poor neighborhoods, and have been operating in Duval County for at least two years. The organization will continue to accept applications until the funds are distributed.

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