Snapchat now available in the Chrome web browser

Snapchat has announced Snapchat for the web, a new Chrome browser version of the app that allows the Snapchat community to stay connected through their cameras while sitting in front of their computers.

Snapchat now available in the Chrome web browser

Snapchat for the web also includes messaging features such as chat comments and chat replies, and they are also planning to roll out Lenses. The new browser version is currently available to Snapchat+ subscribers in the United States, United Kingdom, and Canada, as well as Australia and New Zealand.

More Snapchat Business Benefits

The new Chrome browser version of Snapchat is great news for small businesses using the popular social media platform to engage with their customers, as business owners no longer have to communicate with customers through their phone alone.

Working at a desk is common, and having access to Snapchat interactions from a desktop or laptop can make the whole process easier.

Snapchat for web helps ‘keep conversations going’

In a statement posted on their website, Snapchat said, “Every day, 332 million people open Snapchat on their phones and can start conversations with their real-life friends using our camera. Today we’re introducing Snapchat for the web, a new way for our community to stay connected through our camera when they’re at their computers.

Open your laptop and go to with Chrome to start a conversation or pick up where chats left off on mobile. With over 100 million Snapchatters on average using our voice and video calls every month, we are excited to offer our community a new way to keep conversations going on their computers, where they already work, learn and browse.”

What’s interesting about Snapchat is that, even if your business isn’t using the platform, the journey of the app’s creators is a valuable lesson for all entrepreneurs. In an earlier interview, Snapchat co-founder Evan Spiegel explained how Snapchat came about, saying, “Before we made Snapchat, we made this thing called ‘Future Freshman’, which was designed to help kids get to college. go, and it totally failed. We worked on it for a year and a half and it just bombed.”

Spiegel continued: “That was really a learning experience for us, because after that, instead of trying to build this really complicated, advanced piece of software, we decided that we should start with a simple concept, just build it and see if people like it. like it. , then go from there.”

As for Spiegel’s advice for startups, he said: “The most important thing for any startup in particular is to just put one foot in front of the other and not get caught up in ‘I want to raise a bunch of money first'” or “I want to make a business presentation first” or “I want to build a big team first.” But really, the first and most important step is serving the customer.”

Snapchat’s Impressive Statistics

According to Earthweb, Snapchat will have 293 million daily active users as of 2022, with 3.5 billion snaps being sent every day via Snapchat messages.

The platform achieved revenue of $2.5 billion in 2020, in a year when they were valued at $19.4 billion. By 2021, Snapchat’s value had risen to $90.9 billion.

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