‘Stranger Things’ shatters Netflix record with season 4

The fourth season of “Stranger Things” has broken records and rocked the top 10 of streaming giant Netflix Inc NFLX.

What Happened: The first part of Season 4 of “Stranger Things” was released on Netflix this past weekend, competing against Walt Disney Co DIS’s Disney+ title “Obi-Wan Kenobi”.

The highly anticipated fourth season came three years after it last appeared on the streaming platform.

The company said Season 4 set a new Netflix record for an English-language series. Season 4 episodes totaled 287 million hours watched, breaking the previous record of 193 million hours for the “Bridgerton” season 2 debut.

Netflix released the first seven episodes of the fourth season on May 27. One item that could help viewership hours is longer run times, with the shortest episode running in over an hour and the finale of part one (episode 7) running at 98 minutes.

The fourth season of “Stranger Things” was in the top 10 of 93 countries for Netflix in its debut week, taking the top spot in many territories.

In addition, the previous three seasons were in the top 10 English-language shows of the week, with seasons 1, 2 and 3 in third, fifth and fourth place respectively.

The first season of the series was in third place with 38.1 million viewing hours. The show was in the top 10 in 83 countries.

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Why it matters: “Stranger Things” was one of the streaming giant’s most important original series. It premiered in 2016 and is now in its fifth season.

The second part of season 4 of “Stranger Things” will premiere on July 1 with two long final episodes.

The third season of “Stranger Things” ranks among the most-watched Netflix seasons of all time based on first viewing month. The fourth season could skyrocket the leaderboard and endure series like “Bridgerton” and “Money Heist” for hours on end. However, the show has yet to surpass the record-breaking 1.65 billion hours watched by the Korean hit “Squid Game” in its first 28 days on the platform.

A Benzinga poll asking followers if they were more excited about “Stranger Things” or “Obi-Wan Kenobi” saw the Netflix title win narrowly. Disney has not shared any viewership statistics for the Star Wars title at the time of writing.

Price action: Netflix stock rose 1% on Tuesday to $197.44.

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