The Dos And Don’ts Of Getting Cheap Van Leasing Rental In Singapore

Singaporeans have numerous options to get around the country. Mass Rapid Transport or the MRT lines take people downtown and the Circle. You can also use them to travel to and from east and west, north and south, or north and east of Singapore. Light Rail Transit lines are ideal if your destination is in and around Bukit Panjang, Sengkang, or Punggol. You could also take the bus that reaches almost every part of the island. Its comfy seats and different payment options appeal to locals and tourists alike, making it one of the most popular public transport options. You could also take taxis or drive a car if you want your trip to be more private. 

But if you will be travelling in groups, taking the train driving your sedan may not be the best choice. Fortunately, car rental companies in Singapore offer van leasing services to people needing a fuss-free option for groups of residents or sightseers planning to go around the country.


As their names imply, van leasing companies in Singapore are businesses offering vehicle rental services for individuals transporting groups of people or cargo. They offer daily, weekly, or monthly plans for numerous van models with different specifications. Thanks to these enterprises, you and your family, friends, or colleagues can travel together to various towns in the country.

But is getting a cheap van rental worth it? If so, are there things you should and should not do when leasing such a vehicle?

  1. Benefits Of Renting A Van

While it is true that you have numerous transportation options to choose from, renting a van is arguably the best choice if you are travelling to different parts of the island in groups. You can find a commercial van for sale in Singapore, but buying a vehicle is not the most practical option if you need the van for a few days, weeks, or months.

To help you see why you should consider getting a van leasing plan, here are the benefits you could experience from it:

A. Skip The Hassle Of Commuting

Public transit can be troublesome if your destination is a significant distance from the last stops of trains or buses. You and your group will also have reduced privacy and comfort if you commute to your destination. But if you get a cheap van rental in Singapore, you will experience less stress since you have a whole vehicle for yourself and your relatives or coworkers.

B. Keep Your Car From Getting Beat Up

Driving around Singapore is not a problem due to its vast network of roads. But if you want to save your car from wear and tear, you can lease a van at a car rental company. Doing so will also prevent your automobile from facing potential damages and breakdowns.

C. One Group, One Vehicle

There is no fun in asking your family or friends to travel separately and arrive at your destination at a specific time. By getting a van leasing plan in Singapore, you can bond with them while driving to your vacation stops or business conference.

D. More Room For Supplies

Every Lion City resident knows how challenging it can be to bring multiple bags or boxes while using public transportation. You will wish that you had more hands to be able to carry your supplies in one go. But if you decide to get a cheap van rental, you bring as many items as needed since these vehicles have more than enough space.

E. No Maintenance Responsibilities

Getting a van from a car rental company in Singapore will not leave you worrying about its maintenance needs. You will still need to exercise caution when using your leased automobile, but you are not responsible for changing its lubricants or replacing its batteries.

  1. What You Should And Should Not Do When Renting A Van

If you have decided that you will get a van leasing plan in Singapore, you should know everything you can and cannot do when getting such services. Understanding them will guide you to obtaining a rental programme and help you make the most of it. Scroll through to learn everything you should and should not do when leasing a van.

Do: Look For A Reliable Rental Company.

The quality and reliability of a van lease depend on your chosen car rental company in Singapore. A lessor with services that have satisfied most if not all of their customers will guarantee that you are in good hands.

Do Not: Lease From An Unaccredited Individual.

Some individuals in the country let people rent their vehicles for fees smaller than charges from rental companies. Getting a van leasing programme from them may be tempting, but keep yourself from working with them to avoid experiencing scams.

Do: Learn About Your Rental Plan Options.

Avoid getting a vehicle lease without considering your choices, whether you need a van or lorry rental. Research other rental companies to see which offers services that suit your needs.

Do Not: Book Late.

Avoid late vehicle bookings if you want to save money on van leasing plans in Singapore. Rental companies will charge you more if you lease their vehicles days before your trip, so you should consider getting their services weeks to months in advance.

Do: Set A Strict Budget.

Like getting other products or services for your trip, you will need to set a budget when getting a car rental programme. You should also strictly follow this financial plan to keep from overspending your resources.

Do Not: Forget About Late Return Fees.

As much as possible, return your rented van within the duration of your plan. Your car rental company will charge you hefty sums if you fail to drive their vehicle back to their premises on your agreed-upon date and time.

  1. Rent A Van Today!

Trips are undoubtedly better in groups since more people will share experiences and memories with you. But instead of commuting to and from your destination, why not look for a car rental company in Singapore offering van leasing services? Doing so will allow you to experience numerous perks—but only if you remember everything you can and cannot do when renting a vehicle.

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