The Skills Of A Licensed Electrical Engineer And How To Look For One

There is a sense of curiosity when looking at electrical components. People would ask questions about how people make them, what happens inside, and other things that pertain to their functions. This so-called interest triggers our hunger for learning new ideas and knowledge about the products we use every day. For a licensed electrical engineer, these things happen whenever they do their tasks for the day. 

Whether you are a high school student interested in pursuing this career or someone with a thing for knowing new concepts, explore this article about the skills of an LEW and the servicesthey offer. You will also learn how to look for one when the need arises. 


A licensed electrical engineer– as the title suggests – are professionals who study, examine, develop, design, and manufacture electrical equipment and components. They also have extensive career options ranging from academic posts to corporate assignments. The former seeks to contribute to the ever-growing field of research & development while the latter accomplishes their respective business goals. All in all, their profession revolves around learning the concepts and applying them as they please. Seems exciting, right? This career has so much to offer. 



Nothing is too late for the topic of career, whether you are someone from secondary school who wants to be an LEW in Singapore or a corporate professional planning to switch jobs. However, the usual process starts with finishing the relevant degree (electronic, telecommunications, or network engineering), then securing a position to gain practical experience and renew/comply with licensure regulations. 

On top of these things, you also need to have the interest and motivation for the industry. Working as a licensed electrical engineer is a serious matter because you will transact with individuals, businesses, and other clients about anything electrical. 



Balance is something everyone needs, whether it is the equal prioritisation of mental and physical health or the type of work they do on a given day. The same goes for an LEW in Singapore who engages in different tasks. Are you interested in this career? Or someone looking for an LEW for their services? Here is a list of skills they should have: 


To become a licensed electrical engineer, you need to have working knowledge and skill in mathematics. Why? It is one of the foundational subjects of getting a degree or finishing a short course. You also need to be able to manipulate computations for various projects. 


It is not about drawing the most beautiful painting in the world. Seriously speaking, an LEW in Singapore is a creative individual who knows how to design and innovate electrical products. They also know the appropriate solution for the problems of their clients.  


You might think writing and communication skills are not necessary for this field because it is only for liberal arts students. However, one must know how to write a proper LEW endorsement letter or a thesis as a part of their academic requirements to earn the coveted master’s degree. 


Most professionals fear the idea of presenting in front of stakeholders or explaining their proposal for the latest trend in electrical engineering. If you are interested in being a licensed electrical engineer, brush up on your speaking skills to reinvent your career. 


The goal of some companies is to make a profit and change people’s lives. Having a corporate position requires you to know the business. Learn about finance, economics, and other relevant matters about your current job. 


Every industry you can think of is constantly changing. New knowledge is being added to research publications, and people are innovating smarter ways of dealing with things. As a licensed electrical engineer, be adaptable to trends! Remember, you would not grow if you stick to one thing. 


You will be working with research advisers, stakeholders, managers, clients, and other people. Depending on the career path you take as an LEW in Singapore, be ready to collaborate and innovate in your field. 


Project management is essential for everyone. It is a skill that lets you handle many tasks and know the right way of dealing with them. Whether you are a leader in an LEW endorsementfirm or an employee, equip yourself with this trait. 


As mentioned earlier, the industry is in a constant process of change. Adopt a mindset that revolves around learning new things and improving every day. It does not have to be drastic because any progress still counts. 


Part of learning many concepts in the classroom is going out in the open and exploring different channels to apply them. Some examples include crafting an LEW endorsementletter or exploring the equipment in a factory. 


Those are the skills of a licensed electrical engineer that help them provide the best service to their clients and accomplish their responsibilities. If you are looking for one, always take these things into account. 

  1. Make sure they are registered LEW who can provide services to people. It ensures the safety of their job and your protection as a consumer who trusts them for their profession. 
  2. If you have no idea who to approach, ask friends and family for recommendations. You can also join a forum or online group about finding a licensed electrical engineer or something along those lines. 
  3. Learn a thing or two about the topic. You do not have to study hard or examine everything. A rough idea of things would suffice when it comes to looking for LEW services. 
  4. When consulting with an agency, check their qualifications, business registration, and other legal indications. 
  5. Pricing should always be appropriate. If a company or professional charges you excess fees or anything that has nothing to do with the services, exercise your rights as a customer. 

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