The travel industry gets an upgrade

The analysts are piling on the travel recovery story

As bad as the outlook for inflation and the economy is, these are good times for the travel industry. The travel industry has been shackled for the past 2+ years and is finally emerging from those dark times. The point is that blue-chip travel companies get noticed by the analyst, and for the better. If you’re looking for a way out of the summer season, the airlines and travel industry might be the way to do it in comfort. – MarketBeat

United Airlines dives into the wake of profit

United Airlines (NASDAQ: UAL) popped in the wake of the Q1 release due to very optimistic outlook. The stock rocketed more than 10%, helped by a rebound in analyst sentiment, but price action has since fallen. What has not fallen is the analyst’s sentiment. At least 9 analysts on the sell side have upgraded, raised the price target, or both since the Q1 release and sentiment is now a weak buy. This is higher in the 12, 3 and 1 month equation and is likely to get higher as spring progresses. The more interesting fact is’s consensus price target, which is also higher in all three comparisons and more than 50% above the current price action.

“The demand environment is the strongest it has been in my 30 years in the industry — and United and its customers will benefit from it more than any other airline,” said CEO Scott Kirby in his optimistic statement. “We are now seeing clear evidence that the second quarter will be a historic turning point for our business. I am more optimistic than ever about United’s future.”
The travel industry gets an upgrade

Delta Airlines is another contender for groundbreaking results

Delta Airlines (NYSE: DAL) received 7 post-win shout-outs, including 7 price target increases and 2 upgrades from Neutral to Buy, one a double upgrade to Overweight. The new consensus price target is just below $53 or about 43% above the current price action and is rising. However, price action has pulled back but is showing support at previously strong levels and is poised to move higher within the established range.

“Sentiment in Delta and other aviation stocks should turn more favourable, as a rapid recovery in demand for travel after the microwave is more than compensating for higher fuel prices and driving a near recovery to pre-pandemic profitability levels,” Barclays analyst Brandon Oglenski said at the time. he he upgraded to Overweight. “Delta’s focus on brands, premium products and prudent balance sheet management has positioned the carrier well to benefit meaningfully from the current strong rebound in US travel demand,”
The travel industry gets an upgrade

Booking.Com has your ticket for summer travel (NASDAQ: BKNG) didn’t get any post-profit upgrades, but it was already rated as a solid buy. What it did get were 8 price increases that have’s consensus estimate in the 1 and 12 month comparisons and more than 30% above the current stock price. The wave of price target increases was driven by better-than-expected top and bottom-line results and a favorable outlook in line with United Airlines and Delta Airlines forecasts. Based on what the CEO of says, it could be a record year for travel and one that will take the entire industry to new heights.

“I am pleased to report a record $27 billion in gross bookings in the first quarter, the highest quarterly amount in our company’s history,” said CEO Glenn Fogel. “Despite an uncertain macroeconomic environment, we have seen continued strengthening in global travel trends so far in the second quarter of 2022, and we are gearing up for a busy summer travel season ahead.”
The travel industry gets an upgrade

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