The Vintage Frames Edit: Incredible Revolution of Eyewear Trends

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They say old is gold and our eyewear designers are already proving it true. If we talk about one thing that is being left high and dry is the comeback of vintage sunglasses in the fashion industry. The influence of vintage style on modern sunglasses can be seen widely in modern-time fashion.

Today, what you all glimpse on in the runway and outlets of the brands, is highly adopted through the precursors while the antiquity of vintage trends, specifically in terms of vintage sunglasses is surely worth emphasizing. 

Quick Historical Preview of Vintage Sunglasses  

There is no surprise to say that the evolution in eyewear trends is taking place since the era of the ’60s date. To give you all a preview of the revolution of vintage frames that have occurred, so far. For a quick glimpse, stay hooked and read below! 

Early 1960’s: The initial years of the 1960’s era was all about pairing outfits with cat-eye sunglasses. Though, this style was more associated with a womanly style. Back in the time, the cat-eye frames used to be huge with pointed corners. Though the hype was first created when these frames were screened in the launch of the film ‘Breakfast at Tiffany’s. 

Late 1960’s: Afterwards, in the mid or almost in the end of a decade of 1960s trend of wearing oversize glasses caught another hype and it turned out to be a must-have fashion of the industry. Bold frames with darker hues and celebrity take on oversized glasses boomed this trend in the late 1960s. 

The era of the 1970s: One of the prominent start of the 70’s era, John Lennon, right after entering into his career, inspired people through his exclusive eyewear fashion, that is, sunglasses with tiny round shaped lenses. In today’s fashion world, this style is more popular as ‘hippie fashion’. 

Though, this trend lasted only till the end of the decade because once again the disco genre created hype and shades with big frames started attracting back. But, one thing that was different this time was the hue of glasses, stylists preferred keeping the hues lighter in shade. These shades are available in a wide range, in the displayed collection of Vintage Carrera Sunglasses. 

The Era of 1980s 

The 1980s were all about going funky and cool with sunglasses and most of its credit goes to Tom Cruise who entitled Wayfarers and Aviator shades as ‘coolest fashion. Meanwhile, where these cool shades were making people go crazy, on the same side, Bruce Willis gave his two cents by introducing brow-line style glasses through his famous TV serial ‘Moonlighting’. 

1990’s golden era: We call it the golden era because this is the decade when hollow sunglasses took a twisted turn in the fashion industry. Sunglasses with edgy end and flamboyant oval-shaped lenses used to be the big hit to reflect the individuality of personalities to enhance looks. 

Vintage sunglasses and celebrity connection, in the 2000s 

So if we shed light on today’s fashion world then it would not be a lie to say that trends are originated now from where celebrity goes. The historical pattern already revealed that celebrity influence is being followed since past, its already going at peak in present and we are sure that the pattern will be same in future as well. 

Likewise, the present time icons and industrial stars are found replicating the style of previous decades which has eventually emerged the trend of vintage sunglasses. Celebrities like Kylie Jenner, Gigi Hadid, Kim Kardashian, and many other celebrities with strong fan base have become a source of rejuvenating vintage eyewear trends. 

Celebrity take has increased the demand for vintage sunglasses and fans are assuring to jump into the bandwagon of this ongoing fashion trend. Though, in the present time, stylists are fusing vintage sunglasses with a little spark of contemporary fashion and celebrities are already loving this combination. 

If you are inspired by this ongoing pattern and fashion of sunglasses, then get your hands on any of the currently trending eyewear and pair it with your stylish outfit. 


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