These states have the best broadband coverage

Recent data analysis has shown that Rhode Island is the state with the best broadband coverage in the United States thanks to affordable costs combined with high speeds and broad coverage.

These states have the best broadband coverage

The survey conducted by Policy Advisor ranked states based on the cost of broadband, as well as available coverage and average download speeds. In second and third place were Massachusetts and Maryland, while the three states with the worst internet connectivity were Montana, West Virginia and Arkansas.

How Rhode Island has the best internet access

The state of Rhode Island in New England ranked highest for Internet accessibility, in part because of the relatively low cost of broadband. The average cost per megabit of Rhode Island is $0.63, compared to the average cost of $7.28 per megabit of internet in the lower part of Montana.

The low cost of broadband coverage is also available to 98.7% of Rhode Island residents, with an average download speed of 433.3 megabytes per second. In contrast, Montana’s broadband coverage is available to only 61.8% of residents and has a low average download speed of 110.5 megabytes per second.

States with the best broadband coverage

Massachusetts ranks second for the best broadband coverage, with an average cost per megabit of $1.13. Low-cost coverage was also close to Rhode Island at 97.7%, with higher-quality broadband covering a nearly identical 97.5% of the state. Average download speeds in Massachusetts were also impressive at 401.2 megabytes per second. Policy Advisor’s research also found that more than 60% of Massachusetts residents have more than 100 Internet service providers to choose from, which is one of the highest amounts in the United States.

The third state was Maryland, where a megabit of internet costs an average of $1.99. It also ranked highest in the top ten states for average download speeds coming in at 506.7 megabytes per second. Available high-quality broadband coverage was also excellent at 96.3%, with a healthy 90.6% of the state having access to low-cost options. Interestingly, despite excellent Internet accessibility, more than a quarter of Massachusetts residents still do not have an Internet connection at home.

Delaware was the fourth best state for broadband, with cheap broadband available to 96.8% of residents and more expensive options available to 95.5% of residents. Delaware’s average download speed of 469.7 megabytes per second was also the third best of the top ten states.

New York also has low costs and high coverage with reasonable speeds. High-quality broadband in New York covers 93.8% of all residents, while the low-cost options are available for 90.9% of the state.

States with the worst broadband coverage

As mentioned, Montana was the worst state with high costs, limited coverage, and low average download speeds. The second-worst state was West Virginia, which provides high-quality coverage to only 51.8% of the state’s residents, while only 67.4% of residents have access to low-cost alternatives.

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