Things to Keep in Mind When Playing the International Lotteries Online in India


The world we live in today has tons of opportunities for us to improve our lifestyle. There is absolutely no requirement to be stuck with conventional earning methods. The internet has opened up totally new avenues of earning. You can solely rely on them or use them along with your conventional earning methods. One such method to earn millions instantly is by trying your luck at the lottery.

In India, lotteries are legal only in 13 states so far according to 2017 legislative information. The state government has control over the local lottery jurisdiction. Earlier, those staying in other states where the lottery is banned had no way to try their luck in earning some quick money. But, the online lottery platforms like Lottoland have made it possible for one and all to try their luck at all the major international lotteries. is the world leader when it comes to offering online platforms for international lotteries.

As for people living in Indian states where the lottery is banned, the only way to try their luck is through playing international lotteries. Here are a few points that they need to remember.

Playing Through International Websites Is Legal

If you are playing international lotteries online on international lottery platforms, then it is completely legal. This is because the draw of these lotteries does not happen on Indian soil but in foreign lands and hence it does not fall under the jurisdiction of Indian gambling laws. For instance, if you are playing a US-based lottery through any of these online platforms, then it is subjected to US jurisdiction.

Beware of Fraudulent Websites

With the rise in the popularity of online lotteries, many fake websites have also come up. They do not have the required security that is must as you deal with financial transactions. So, when playing online, make sure to register only on those websites that are reputed. They will have an SSL certificate and are loaded via HTTPS, which stands for Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure. This is an internet communication protocol that ensures that the integrity and confidentiality of data are protected between the site and the user’s computer.

Choose the Right Website

Not all lottery websites are as good as Lottoland and offer all the international lotteries to its users. To start playing, you either register at Lottoland or do your research and see which website offers the international lottery that you want to play and register there.

Ease of Financial Transactions

Besides checking the security protocols of the website, it is also important to see the modes of financial transactions. You will be required to add or withdraw funds on a regular basis when playing any lottery. In India, PayPal offer is available with certain limitations that you need to check before starting to play. In other countries of the world, PayPal is the most preferred mode. Here, the Reserve Bank of India has imposed certain restrictions and regulations, which doesn’t allow Paypal to operate as it does in other countries. The best way to do financial transactions in India are debit and credit card transfers, but then you need to check which cards are accepted at a particular portal.

Online lotteries are the only way in which Indians have easy access to international lotteries. They also give the desired freedom that is required from the local lottery bans and limitations. If you are trying it for the first time, it’s natural to be a little reluctant and worried. But, be rest assured that keeping the above-discussed things in mind will help you enjoy your game and will give you a chance to earn some quick bucks. Who knows you could be next in line to hit that huge jackpot that has the potential to change lives forever!




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