TikTok introduces live subscription feature for some creators

TikTok recently introduced a new LIVE Subscription feature that allows users to show their appreciation for their favorite LIVE creators.

TikTok introduces live subscription feature for some creators

The monthly subscription was initially launched in May and is available to invite-only creators, but will be available worldwide in the coming months. The recent launch is part of TikTok’s efforts to provide the platform’s creators with a wider variety of monetization opportunities, allowing them to increase their revenue while growing their community.

TikTok LIVE Subscriber Benefits

There are currently three main subscriber benefits available at the launch of LIVE Subscription, including subscriber badges that appear next to the user’s name on their profile and are upgradeable over time. There are also custom emotes, exclusive emotes designed by the creators that can be used during their LIVE sessions to promote a sense of community and make the sessions more lively.

There is also a subscriber-only chat which, when enabled, gives creators and their subscribers exclusive access to each other to further enhance the personal connection between creator and viewer.

TikTok LIVE Subscription Eligibility

A statement on the TikTok Newsroom describes some of the eligibility requirements for LIVE subscriptions, saying, “The safety of our community is our priority, and as with all content on TikTok, content on LIVE must adhere to our Community Guidelines. To access the LIVE subscription feature, creators must be 18 years old and have a minimum of 1,000 followers. Users must be over 18 years old to purchase a subscription and to send or receive coins and gifts. All users must follow our Community Guidelines and should not solicit gifts or offer rewards for gifts. Visit our website for more information and our list of LIVE safety tools.

“While we’re currently researching LIVE plans with invite-only creators, learn more about our suite of recognition tools that can reward you for your creativity, including Creator Next, Branded Content, and Creator Marketplace.”

Introducing the new feature, TikTok added, “From beauty tutorials to watching your favorite recipes being prepared, learning new game tips, and everything in between, TikTok LIVE empowers creators to inspire, entertain, and engage in real-time. And as we continue to connect creators to a global community, we’re always looking for new ways to reward creators for their creativity.”

TikTok Creativity Rewards

While many TikTok creators have to wait a while for the LIVE Subscription feature to become available to them, there are a few ways they can now be rewarded for their creativity. The TikTok Creator Next feature provides creators with countless ways to maximize monetization opportunities, including partnering with brands.

There are also multiple options for creating branded content, such as videos that promote brands, goods, or services in exchange for something of value from a third party. The official TikTok collaboration platform, Creator Marketplace, is also there to connect brands and creators on TikTok. It enables creators to collaborate with brands on both paid and reward-based campaigns.

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