Top Myths about Legal Call Center Services

There are a lot of benefits for law firms to hire legal call center services, so they may be able to focus on the law and help expand the practice. However, there are a number of myths that could stop attorneys from receiving the benefits of these services.

All Legal Call Center Services Are the Same: This is the same as saying that every lawyer is the same. A call center that is dedicated to lawyers will serve exclusively lawyers, so they will have more experience in your field. With a reputable call center with agents based in the U.S., clients won’t even know they are talking to someone in a call center and not in the office.

Call Centers Lack Proper Training: While call center agents may have a reputation for being a little rude, the biggest complaint most companies have is that they don’t have a lot of knowledge. It can be easy to understand why you may not want to trust a receptionist you haven’t met, because fielding legal calls can be more complex than just an average business call. However, many call center agents go through training, especially if they are going to be providing support for attorneys.

Call Centers Can’t Provide a Personalized Experience: Building trust is important to any relationship and winning over any new clients. When a call is answered by someone who doesn’t know anything about the firm, it can be difficult to generate trust. Clients can gain trust by speaking with a live person instead of a machine. With training and approved scripts from you, it’s a much more personalized experience.

Call Centers Can’t Capture Leads: The first phone call is important to any business. Since you aren’t there to capture every potential lead, you need someone who can handle this. A call center that has experience with lawyers has agents who are trained in fielding legal calls and understand the business. In addition, there is a team that will answer the phone 24/7 so you will never miss a call. A call being picked up by a live person has a better chance of converting than one that goes straight to an answering machine. Potential clients also don’t want to engage with robotic voices and want a live person right away. Even if you hire a full time receptionist at your firm, he or she will never be able to answer the phone 24/7.

You Will Damage Your Reputation Using a Call Center: Business owners, including lawyers, need to be careful about what they say over the phone since customers have several online review platforms. A poorly run call center can ruin your reputation, but not one that also upholds its own reputation.


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