Trump’s PR Response to Raid May Not Work: Attorney Says ‘He Should Be Worried About All These Investigations’

Donald Trump could face legal backlash even as he criticizes the Justice Department and the Federal Bureau of Investigation for the raid on his Mar-a-Lago residence, Business Insider reported, citing legal experts.

Trump Has Tall Order: Trump likes to “run the show” and is a strong supporter of a public relations attack, said a lawyer familiar with the Trump team. But the former president cannot “talk his way out” of this situation and could face criminal charges soon, the lawyer added.

“I think he will be charged,” the lawyer reportedly said. “He should be concerned about all these investigations.”

Overwhelmed by legal troubles: Trump is currently under investigation by state and federal governments, the most serious of which is the DOJ’s investigation into whether he violated three federal laws by bringing classified documents to his Florida residence after taking office abandoned, Insider reported.

Among the other major probes are:

DOJ Investigating January 6 Capitol Hill Uprising
Fulton County District Attorney’s Office investigating whether Trump and team violated Georgia’s laws by seeking to nullify President Joe Biden’s 2020 victory in state
Investigation by the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office into the Trump Organization

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Trump should be most afraid of the New York Attorney General’s civil investigation into his business practices, Alan Dershowitz, who represented Trump during his impeachment trial in the Senate, reportedly told Insider.

Trump may find it difficult to get legal aid: Separately, Dershowitz told Insider that no reputable law firm will allow any of their attorneys to plead for Trump amid his mounting legal woes.

“The companies will not let them come close to a case involving Trump. These are companies that want to continue to have customers, and they know that if they represent Donald Trump, they will lose a lot of customers,” he reportedly said.

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