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Read receipts are an excellent feature for critical, time-sensitive communications. But sometimes you are not in a position to send your reply. And so as not to hurt senders’ feelings, you don’t want them to know that you’ve seen their messages. Knowing how to disable read receipts comes in handy in such a scenario.

Here we discuss how to disable read receipts for different types of online communications.

What are read receipts?

Read receipts indicate that messages have been opened. When you send messages with read receipts turned on, you can know when the recipients opened your messages. Likewise, people on the other end will also know when you opened their messages.

What happens if you turn off read receipts?

If you turn off read receipts, the senders won’t know if you’ve opened their messages. If read receipts are turned off, you also won’t be able to know if the recipients have opened your messages. So read receipts are a kind of trade-off.

Disable an email proof?

The following are ways you can disable read receipts for various email clients:

How to disable Gmail read receipts

Gmail read receipts do not work on personal Gmail accounts. Only Gmail for work or school accounts can access this feature.

Log in to your Google Admin Console and then go to Gmail. When you click on the User Settings menu, you will see the Email Read Receipts tab. Select the Do not allow read receipts to be emailed option to disable read receipts.

To enable read receipts, select the option Allow read receipts to be emailed to any email address.

Disable Outlook for Read Receipt

Go to the File menu and tap the Options tab. A new window will open with Outlook options. Click on Mail and scroll down. In the Tracking section, select Never send a read receipt.

To enable read receipts, choose the Always send a read receipt option.

Teams: Turn off read receipt instructions

Click on the three dots preceded by your name in the top right corner of the web application to access settings and more.

Go to the Privacy section in the Settings menu and disable the Read Receipts button.

To enable receipts, you must enable the Read Receipts button.

Turn off read receipts for text messages

Here are ways to disable read receipts for text messages:

How to Disable Read Receipts on iPhone SMS

An Apple iMessage appears in a blue speech bubble. It is different from a normal text message (green speech bubble). The read receipts option is only available for iMessage.

Go to the Settings menu and click on the Messages tab. Turn off the Send read receipts switch. And to send read receipts, you need to turn on the Send read receipts switch.

This global setting affects everyone in your contact list. But you can also overwrite it in a personal conversation.

Here’s how to disable read receipts for specific contacts:

Tap messagesSelect the conversation and click the profile icon Select the info icon and locate the “Send proofs” toggle Uncheck the “Send proofs” toggle

Disable Read Receipts on Android

Go to the Message Settings menu and click on general settings. Then click on the Chat Features option. You will see the Send Read Receipts switch. Turn it off to disable read receipts.

You should also turn off the display typing indicators so as not to let others know when you are typing.

To enable read receipts for your Android device, enable the Send read receipts switch.

Disable Read Receipts on Instant Messaging Apps

The following are ways to disable read receipts for popular instant messaging apps:

Turn off a Google Chat proof

There is no direct way to disable Google Chat read receipts (Hangouts). But you can appear offline to your audience to indicate that you are not available to chat.

Click on your profile in Hangouts and a new window will open, set your Away status and uncheck Show when you were last active and Show what device you are on.

Disable Read Receipts: Telegram

Telegram does not have a feature to disable read receipts. The best thing to do is disable the last seen and online option so the sender won’t know when you’re using the app except for a short period of time when you send them a one-on-one chat or group of which you are both members.

Go to the Settings section of Telegram and click on the Privacy and Security tab. Next, tap the Last Seen & Online section and select the “Nobody” option.

Turn off signal reads

Click the three dot in the top right corner of the app to open the Settings menu. Then click on the Privacy tab. Disable read receipts to disable read receipts. You should also turn off Typing Indicators so that others can’t see when you are typing.

To enable read receipts, just enable the read receipts option in the Privacy section of this instant messaging app.

Disable Read Receipts in Viber

Go to the Settings menu of the app and tap the Privacy tab. Uncheck the Send ‘seen’ status option in the Privacy section. You should also uncheck the ‘Online’ sharing status option for better privacy.

To enable read receipts in this messaging app, check the “seen” send status.

Turn off read receipts: Skype

Go to the Settings menu and tap the Messages tab. You will see the Read receipts option on the right. Disable to disable read receipts.

To send read receipts, enable the Read receipts option.

Disable social media read receipts

Here are ways to turn off read receipts for social media posts.

Turn off read receipts on Instagram

You can’t turn off read receipts on Instagram. However, there is a solution.

Go to the Settings menu and then click the Notifications tab. Tap the Messages & Calls menu and turn off Message Requests and Messages.

Now the following steps will help you to read Instagram posts without sending read receipts.

Turn off your Wi-Fi or activate airplane modeRead Instagram postsLog out of your Instagram accountTurn off airplane mode and sign in to your account

This way you do not activate read receipts. But this solution is not 100% foolproof.

How to disable read receipts on WhatsApp

Go to WhatsApp’s settings menus and click on the Account tab. Then tap the Privacy menu. You will see a switch for read receipts. Disable the switch to disable read receipts. And enable it if you want to send read receipts.

When you turn off the read receipt, you should also choose the “nobody” option in the Last seen section so that your contacts won’t know when you were online.

Please note that you cannot disable read receipts for WhatsApp group chats.

Disable Read Receipts on Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger doesn’t allow you to disable read receipts. You can turn off the Show when you’re active option to let your Facebook friends know that you’re not available to chat.

But if you want to read messages without activating the read receipt, you can do it as follows:

Put your device in airplane modeRead the messages and sign out of the messengerTurn off airplane mode and sign in to the messenger

How to disable Twitter reads

Go to the Settings & Privacy menu and click on the Privacy & Security tab. Choose the Direct Messages tab and uncheck the Show read receipts option to disable read receipts.

To send read receipts, check the Show read receipts option.

Disable Read Receipts: LinkedIn

Go to Settings & Privacy and tap the Communication tab. Select the Messaging experience menu and you will see an option for Read receipts and typing indicators. Disable to disable read receipts. To send read receipts for your LinkedIn messages, turn on Read receipts.

Enable read receipts

In this article, we learned how to disable and enable read receipts for leading social media and instant messaging apps.

Enabling read receipts is platform dependent. In most cases, you’ll need to enable the Send Receipt button. Sometimes you need to check the Send receipts option to activate read receipts.

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