Understand your health better with this At-Home DNA Test Kit

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As we get older, our priorities change — and not just in business. We need to learn how to take care of ourselves in ways we didn’t have to do when we were younger. A good way to do that is to understand your body better. While DNA tests are extremely popular for discovering ancestors, they have another useful application: they give you a better perspective on your health. The complete SelfDecode DNA test kit allows you to do just that.

Self decoding

This at-home DNA test uses saliva to go beyond your 23 chromosomes to determine personalized health insights, the company says. In just a few easy steps, you’ll unlock your unique genetic tendencies and markers that will help you gain a better understanding of the kind of healthy lifestyle you should pursue. After a simple saliva test, you’ll get personalized supplements, diet, and lifestyle recommendations based on your DNA, plus one-year access to personalized health reports and traits that are regularly updated based on additional genetic information.

With the subscription you get insights into your mood, blood pressure, intestinal problems and more to help you make better choices for your health. All SelfDecode reports are based on the latest AI and machine learning technology to ensure they are updated consistently and reflect all available data. In addition to your subscription, you have unlimited access to additional health tools such as a regimen builder and lab analyzer to help you achieve health goals. Your DNA is of course 100% protected and will never be shared with anyone unless you choose to share your results.

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