Vault Room 101: What Are The Things You Should Not Keep In A Home Safe

Home safes and vaults are meant to keep our valuable items secure. People keep their items, including diplomas and school papers, car titles and home deeds, business papers, and hard drives and flash drives that contain important files. But did you know there are also items that should not be inside the home safe you bought from a safety deposit box supplier?

Here are the things you should not keep inside your home safe:

1. Passport

If you travel overseas a lot, it will be a terrible idea to keep your passport in a home safe or vault room. There is a high possibility that you’ll be on a spontaneous trip, and, during those times, your passport should be accessible. 

2. Cash

It may be a knee-jerk reaction to keep the cash inside the safe, but yoursafety deposit box manufacturer may discourage you from doing so. Emergencies, such as hospitalisation, need immediate cash. Moreover, money doesn’t grow inside the deposit box. They are subjected to inflation as well. At least in a bank deposit, your money grows through interest.

3. Wills and wishes for medical care

Generally, people only produce one copy of wills and wishes for medical care. There is no other person who knows the combination of a vault than the owner. When that person dies, the wills and wishes in the safety box become inaccessible due to the lost password. Their only choice is to destroy the safe dooropen, which could also damage the content.

4. Keys

Never keep duplicate keys, key fobs, or any keys to the vital things inside your safety deposit box. People are prone to forget where their keys are. Much worse, the safety box is inaccessible when they need the keys the most. Yourvault supplier may suggest not to put your keys in your safety box.

5. Loaded weapons

There are appropriate safes for guns. Ask your safety deposit box manufacturerfor a gun safe instead of using an ordinary vault.

Don’t make these mistakes, and lock up the crucial things you need!

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