What Factors Matter the Most When Buying an Indoor Air Purifier?

One might ask oneself if reliance on an indoor air purifier is the right call to make and if it has the same effect as keeping the house clean. After all, an air purifier is supposed to keep the air clean, and it does not appear to do much otherwise. 

Turns out that the mindset might be risky for you and your family. Cleaning homes and offices manually may not be enough for many particular cases. Every year, thousands of people fall victim to the effects of unclean air, whether inside or outside the home. And though Singapore may be one of the touted cleaner urban places to visit, the air quality in Singapore is middling at best.

Urban environments like streets and neighbourhoods often have poorer air quality.  The air quality is caused by emissions of structures and inventions like factories, air conditioners, cars, and other things mixed in the air we breathe. The more human activity, the more emissions made and the worse the air quality is found. People in crowded or advanced cities must watch their backs when breathing the dirty air, as this causes health concerns in many cases.

One thing we cannot escape is that more people mean lower quality air. The events of the past year and a half have sobered us greatly. Even if COVID is not an airborne disease, we all would like to lower our chances of catching it and other pathogens by increasing the air quality. Poor air quality can spell danger to us. Getting an air cleaner in Singapore is no joke. Here are a few things that can result from lower air quality:

  1. Exposure to harmful pathogens, dust, and dirt that may harm our bodies
  2. Long-term risks of chronic physical conditions and diseases, especially of the respiratory system
  3. Degradation of mental and emotional health
  4. Triggering of allergies and other conditions

If you have enough means, then you should protect your home and family. Buy a home air purifier in Singapore if you can. Cleaner air means healthier and longer lives for you and your family. They can also have a ton of other unexpected benefits. For example, if you get certain air purifiers, you can disperse some odours in your home readily.

An Introduction to Air Purifiers

Achieving better air quality is a cinch in the modern days due to the introduction of certain devices. These devices have the capability of cleaning and purifying your home. I’m talking, of course, about indoor air purifiers. If you’re not yet familiar, air purifiers are equipment that can remove contaminants in indoor spaces and improve overall air quality.  

There are many types and kinds of air purifying devices. Some are portable, others with built-in automatic features, some installed in automobiles, and more. Air purifying devices may not yet be a staple in every home, but they should be. They aren’t just for people who have health concerns. Those with seemingly clean homes will not be able to notice the difference, but these devices matter in the long run for health-conscious people.

If you are interested in buying the best air purifier in Singapore, make sure that you are only using the one that is the right fit for your room. If you buy the wrong one, it might not clean your home as effectively as another brand or type of air purifier would.

What Factors Affect An Air Purifier Purchase?


Several factors are at play when you get an air purifier. Here are some that matter the most when buying an air purifier for your home or other spaces.

1) Medical grade usage

An air purifier that is “medical grade” is much more powerful than the ordinary air purifiers you see in your home. You may find them in hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, and other places that need sanitising. If you want to get a medical-grade air purifier, you might have to spend considerably more on the purchase. However, it is good for people with severe allergies or who have immunocompromised systems.

2) Size

They say that size doesn’t matter, but when you want to buy an air purifier in Singapore, it does matter. Size can determine whether an air purifier is too cumbersome to lug to other places or whether it is too small to clean your room. You need to adjust the size of your air purifier— this makes it ideal for the space you want to clean. If you get an air purifier that is too small, you may not be able to clean all corners of your room, and getting an air purifier would not have been worth the effort. 

On the other hand, an air purifier too big to fit in your room might be inefficient. They may take up too much energy and inflate your electricity bill. You want to strike a balance between a big and small air purifier to ensure your room stays clean at reasonable costs. You can even get a mobile or portable 

3) Cleaning methods

There are several types of air purifiers, each with distinct methods to clean the air and rid it of dirt and other particles. For example, a HEPA air purifier uses an air filter to filter out dirt particles, a UV air purifier uses UV light to address air particles, while the ioniser air purifier works by sticking ionised particles to dirt and dragging them down.

4) Brand

Some brands are more well-established than others and this may factor into your decision to purchase. Always look for the most trusted brand, as many air purifier brands come out each year to compete with others. Going for something tried and tested might be the safest option.

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