What is Business Tenant Insurance and do you need it?

You will need to purchase small business tenant insurance if you are renting office space or any other type to run your business. This type of small business insurance protects your operations, team and covers property damage.

What is business tenant insurance?

An entrepreneur can take out this insurance through a Business Owners Policy (BOP). These combine three different types of insurance.

General LiabilityCommercial Property InsuranceBusiness Income Insurance

Protect your business even if you are renting a space as BOPs cover commercial property coverage. A small business gets financial protection against lawsuits, theft and fire. Plus lost income if the home is secured.

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Why you should have business renters insurance

Business renter insurance protects small businesses from unexpected events and things like property damage. There are several other reasons why this renters insurance is a must-have.

For coverage when employees damage a rented space – There are certain risks that other types of business insurance do not provide. Standard policies do not cover damage that employees cause to inventory or a warehouse. Your contracts may require a corporate tenant policy – ​​You may be renting from your landlord. Loan agreements even require renters insurance. To cover damage caused by a third party – A business owner should be aware of the difference between the actual cash value and the replacement cost. To cover accidents leading to lawsuits – small business insurance should cover this, make sure. It may not be covered by a standard business insurance policy. It’s the law – small business insurance is required in most states. Without it, your business could face losses from legal action, fires and theft.

What is covered by the Business Tenant Insurance?

A business owner’s policy such as this provides coverage for natural disasters and lawsuits related to personal injury. Remember that when you are looking for insurance coverage you really need to get a custom quote. Many companies have handy tabs where you can also find an agent.

This insurance also covers the following:

Professional liability insurance

Designed to protect companies from legal charges of negligence or damages. Also called error and absenteeism insurance. A general liability policy doesn’t cover you professionally, it does.

Consider the following additions. Contractors should look at coverage of completed operations. General liability insurance usually covers this.

Coverage for advertising damage is usually included in the commercial general liability. This covers policyholders and protects them from things like copyright infringement and defamation.

Business interruption insurance

Another type of additional protection covers otherwise lost business income due to wind theft, fire, etc.

Employee Compensation Insurance

Required in almost every state. Workers Comp covers cases for work-related illnesses and injuries. Also accounts for lost wages and medical expenses. Landlords require this.

This is pretty much the standard coverage you need. In short, it covers your responsibilities as an employer. To cover employees in the event of death, disability, injury and illness. Also have liability coverage.

Commercial car insurance

Part of what you need in distribution and/or transport companies. A business car policy covers your company cars.

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What is not covered by the Business Tenant Insurance?

This type of business policy doesn’t cover everything your small business needs. Here’s what your business won’t get with this policy.

Pest Coverage – Bugs are for the landlord’s insurance company to deal with. Most small business insurance coverage does not cover damage caused by pests. Negligence Damage – Likewise for damage to buildings caused by criminal activity or negligence. You will not get coverage to protect your business under those circumstances. Floods – Coverage for property damage caused by water is covered by a flood policy, not small business insurance. Ask your insurance company about this distinction. Earthquakes – Professional services and other business tenants are not automatically covered. But there may be an addition to your business owner’s policy.

Remember that insurance for small business renters should bundle options. An insurance professional and the insurance company should be able to customize solutions for you.

How much does business rental insurance cost?

Small business owners are usually concerned about the bottom line. Such as how much good business tenant insurance costs. Remember that a good policy combines liability insurance and business property insurance. And general liability policies.

There are additional recommendations you can add to renters insurance, such as an error and omission policy. And other insurance products you may need as well. Here’s the bottom line. Business renter insurance policies should provide coverage that reflects BOP insurance.

An insurance professional can estimate the average cost of any of these BOP policies. That’s usually around $1200 a year for good renters insurance. What you pay may vary depending on several factors. Such as the type of real estate where your business is located.

There are many different choices of non-life insurers. Read on to find out how to find the one that offers good business renters insurance.

How to choose the right business rental insurance?

Finding the right company is a big part of getting business renter insurance. A good insurance company offers income insurance, commercial property insurance and other insurance.

There are several things you can search for to start a search. Make sure you can bundle policies with any of the companies you are considering. Chances are you’ll need to adjust coverage to get the best deal. While you’re in the process of figuring out what isn’t covered, this can be just as important as figuring out what is.

Every company provides policies that have these exclusions. You need to know what they are in the beginning. Review your needs before starting a search. Knowing your business tenant’s coverage requirements is essential. So you should review them annually.

Here’s how to choose a company that works with your risk management strategies.

Go directly to the insurance company for insurance. Do some research. Then create a company policy that fits your needs. Customize the services to get a customized policy, such as a real estate policy. Then get a custom quote so you only pay for what you use. Get coverage online. Compare services from different providers in this way. Contact an insurance broker to cover your business with the appropriate insurance. It should cover everything from professional indemnity policies to property coverage where applicable. Browsing through these financial products alone can be confusing. A broker is not cheap, but they can walk you through the process. It helps to understand the risks in your industry. They can help you on your way to the right insurance. For example, product liability insurance works best for restaurants. Knowing what affects your insurance rates is critical. Don’t let an entrepreneur’s policy expire. As a result, the premiums on things such as professional liability insurance are rising.

Best Small Business Rental Insurance Providers

Effective business insurance coverage must come from leading business partners. The best US companies for good renters insurance are listed below. Don’t forget to look for standards such as liability insurance from any insurance company you are considering. Check out the testimonials on their websites. These are good indicators of the company’s credibility.

The Hartford

This is a well-known non-life insurance company. Their business renter insurance works better than the competition because their owner’s policies are trusted. Get tailor-made property insurance for different types of businesses. They also deliver an excellent employee comp policy.


The insurance you can get here is excellent. Add commercial property, liability, and business interruption. Then you can get international coverage.

state farm

There is a handy tab to find a local agent. They support different types of businesses such as restaurants and retailers. Their general liability insurance comes in $1 million increments. There is also a home insurance.

No login is required for this company. And you can get a certificate from your insurance directly on their website. They cater for a variety of small businesses such as drug stores and bakeries, as well as online sales companies, contractors, and crafts.


Pay for short-term liability insurance and protect property and data with cybersecurity insurance. This insurance company also offers general liability insurance.

This is a company with a 100 year history of making sure companies have good coverage. There are 3,000 employees in 14 different countries and customers around the world.


They offer different types of insurance. Like liability insurance for various types of businesses, they offer commercial collision auto insurance. And the value of the actual cost when you have to replace a defect in proprietary equipment is a covered loss. You also have insurance for errors and omissions, and of course general liability insurance. They also provide resources and tools for smaller businesses and you can pay your bills online through their website. Nationwide has over 90 years of business experience.

Understanding business renter insurance and how it works can help you focus on making a profit. Other business insurance products may also be included in a renter’s policy.

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