What to start as a side hustle in 2022

How To Build the Best Side Hustle (Quietly) In 2022 | by Crystal Mathews |  Medpage | Medium

Start an event management company

Connect with the local community by creating an event planning service in your area. Local delivery of services and careful research of needs will be the key to success. You can also remotely start an event planning business for maximum flexibility. When it comes to organizing and planning events and projects, you don’t have to depend on location. Today, much of the planning and negotiation work can be done remotely.

You can work from any place where there is Internet and hold, organize events and meetings in cafes, restaurants and even in parks. Consider hosting virtual events through Zoom and other group video conferencing services. In our time of remote work, successful startups in this direction have appeared.

Streaming and selling products

Streaming industry is the future. You need to start streaming now, with anything you have in hand. You don’t need a high quality camera or equipment. Time will come when you’ll upgrade everything – it’s time to start streaming now. If you want to have a simple business idea, then start working right now. During the live streams, you can offer affiliate products or sell products without third-parties. Firstly, you’ll need more viewers. Buy Twitch live viewers and create high quality content to let them stick with your schedule.

Open a coworking space

Take advantage of the growing popularity of remote work in our time by creating a modern coworking space that solves all the pain points of entrepreneurs. Not everyone is comfortable working from home – coworking is an excellent space for remote work of specialists in a variety of activities. Choose a convenient location, rent a space, or build it from scratch. Set up a coworking space with the comfort of entrepreneurs, create attractive services and flexible prices.

As an idea for creating a coworking space, you can rent a space in an abandoned house of culture, a cinema, or an empty administrative building. And also, on the terms of mutually beneficial cooperation, join an office real estate company to revitalize their empty office space.

Start a Delicious and Healthy Food Cooking

There are many interesting ideas in the field of food and healthy eating, let’s look at three here. In our fast-paced world, all people are busier than ever, millions of people order not very tasty and ordinary food in cafes and restaurants. A few business ideas in this direction:

1. Start preparing delicious food, packaging and delivering it to target groups (you can use social networks to start). The goal of the startup is to make life easier for busy people who prefer selective nutrition, to ensure the demand for food on specialized diets (keto, vegan, low-calorie, etc.).

2. Are you a good cook, cook or confectioner? Your friends and family praise you for deliciously prepared meals and original recipes. Then you should start making money on your culinary skills. An easy, enjoyable and satisfying business idea is running any culinary business.

It could be a cupcake or cookie shop, homemade pies, or a healthy bread bakery. To get started, you can start working from home, and do so when it suits your schedule. Then, as your business grows and develops, hire assistants, rent and move to separate business premises.

Cooking master class from a home chef

A great idea for people who love to cook deliciously and have their own original recipes. Recently, the demand for culinary master classes has increased among the urban population. People of different specialties show great interest in mastering their culinary skills.

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