What You Can Do To Protect Your Parental Rights During Divorce

Divorce can be one of the most devastating events any family can face, especially if you have children. Filing for the process and opting for the best divorce lawyer in Singapore can impact you emotionally and financially. If your marriage is falling apart and inevitably headed for divorce, you still have a role as a parent. What you can do is secure your child’s welfare and future.

While the divorce process is the opportunity to dissolve the marriage between a couple, it is also a situation where you can remove the other parent from your child’s life. In fact, it is common for another parent to challenge the other’s parental rights. If you are in this situation where your parental right is being challenged, there are proactive approaches you can follow.

Proactive Approach To Safeguard Your Parental Rights During Divorce

Protecting your rights to your child is a serious matter for parents, especially when you are undergoing a divorce. In some cases, you might even need to engage with divorce mediation in Singapore or a lawyer to help you get through making the right decisions.

Without further ado, here are some proactive ways of safeguarding your parental rights during divorce:

Have everything documented

If you believe that your spouse is attempting to remove or challenge your parental rights to your child, it is crucial that you keep things documented. Have everything recorded since they will serve as evidence that you present. Whether you’re paying for your child’s education, going out with them to buy something or anything that will display your parental responsibility. Everything you do to them that displays and proves you are working on your relationship with your child is solid proof.

Prioritise your child always

If you are facing a divorce, what you are undergoing can have tremendous stress on your life. It can also strain your relationship with other people. The burden and overwhelming experience dealing with custody, property, divorce lawyer, financial etc. However, it should not serve enough to distract your priorities for your child. 

At the end of the day, you will still need to find time with your child. Help them maintain their normal everyday routine as possible. This will help you safeguard your parental right in front of the court. 

Speak with your spouse

It is about time that you speak with your spouse to settle scores about your parental rights. Keep everything as civil as possible and have enough time for the two of you to work and cooperate while undergoing a divorce. It will help eliminate the ill feelings towards one another once the divorce is final. Have everything resolved, even in a temporary arrangement, including scheduled visits. It will help seed so you can deal with custody issues in the future. Peaceful communication and agreement without involving the court and divorce lawyer are ideal.

Consider your child’s preference

If your child has reached a certain age where they can make decisions independently, the court will honour your child’s view. The relationship you have with your child will be the influencing factor in their decision and childcare arrangements. If you need to engage with a divorce lawyer to help you through the process, do so. 

Make a decision about the arrangement

Another approach to protecting your parental rights is to make a careful decision about your parenting plan about when you should see the children before the court. During the presentation, have specific details, including how you will see and transport them between each visit—including communication with the co-parent.

Consult a specialist

There will come a time when you will need professional consultation in taking the right step and decision. While a criminal lawyer in Singapore can offer assistance for the accused and prosecute, hiring a divorce specialist will help you navigate through anything encompassing the divorce process. The aspects include child custody and parental rights to ensure that parents can safeguard their child’s welfare.

Hiring A Divorce Lawyer – Dealing With Difficulties Of Divorce


One way to guarantee and ensure your parental rights are protected is through an experienced and well-versed divorce lawyer. In the troubles of criminal charges, opting for criminal law firms in Singapore is a sensible solution. But in cases of troubles, you have to deal with during the divorce, the most effective specialist you can approach during these times is your divorce lawyer. 

Choosing the right lawyer allows you to have a closer look at possible options you can choose, from visitation rights to residential or child custody. Whether you conclude to be a non-custodial or custodial parent, approaching a divorce lawyer in Singapore can help you find the most sound option for the child custody arrangement.

Here are other ways how your divorce lawyer can other the difficulties that entail with the divorce process:

Splitting of assets 

A divorce lawyer can help you deal with dividing any joint assets under the divorce process. Splitting the assets between you and your spouse can be stressful and taxing. However, a divorce lawyer can help you handle and resolve the situation in an efficient route.

Helps you understand your legal rights

Aside from dealing with your parental rights, it can be difficult to be aware of other legal rights you have without knowing the implications. Hiring a divorce lawyer can assist you in understanding the necessary information to be aware of court rulings and implications in every settlement, making the procedure less daunting and overwhelming.

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