Why See a Podiatrist – Some Reasons for You

Foot and ankle issues can be because of many reasons such as diabetes, arthritis, athletic injuries, and so on. Sometimes wearing a shoe of the wrong size can even cause soreness in the ankle. No matter what the foot and ankle issue is, it is strictly suggested to visit the podiatrist to get your leg checked thoroughly. 

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When to Visit a Podiatrist? 

Here are some instances of your daily habits that will make you book an appointment with a podiatrist. 

  • You have started running daily

Runners exert more pressure on their heels and ankles while running. They are more prone to some foot and ankle issues such as shin splints, foot aches, joint pains, and so on. Such people are suggested to book an appointment with a podiatrist every month once to keep their foot and ankle in the best health. 

  • You experience pain in your joints, feet, or ankles 

Arthritis is one of the many bone-related issues that people are suffering from today. This condition is diagnosed in every one belonging to different ages and the common symptoms include blisters, redness, swelling, and tender or stiff muscles. If not treated early, then there are chances of disability, and hence the immediate attention of a specialist Orange County podiatrist is necessary. 

  • You are a diabetic patient 

Diabetes is a condition that is associated with many secondary effects on body health. This includes foot problems as well. Sometimes, diabetic patients will suffer from dry skin on their feet, or some serious infections, calluses, blisters, etc., because of their daily habits. Such issues should be diagnosed by a podiatrist as early as possible. 

  • Your daily activities are limited because of the pain in your heels 

Heel pain is because of many reasons. It can be because of the growth of a bone in the heel known as a heel spur, or because of heel inflammation. No matter what the reason is, it is strictly suggested to consult a podiatrist working for Orange County wound care service if you have consistent heel pain. 

  • You have an ingrown toenail and it is a stubborn one 

Sometimes the toenail grows inwards and pierces into the surrounding skin. This condition is diagnosed commonly in the big toe. The symptoms of an ingrown toenail include redness, drainage from the region, etc., apart from consistent pain. It also indicates that you should book an appointment with your podiatrist. 

  • You feel like there is a sprain, breakage, or even strain in the feet or joints

The podiatrists working for any wound care Orange County service are experienced in handling all kinds of injuries, sprains, breakages, or even strains in the feet and ankle region. They can help you with diagnosing the problem at the early stages. 

Podiatrists are the right choice for treating any or many kinds of foot and ankle health problems. Visit them once in a while to keep your feet and ankle in the best condition.

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