Whya class 3 digital signature is considered to be the most secured DSC?

What does it mean when you sign a document? It simply means you agree the terms and conditions of the document and approve legally that the document belongs to you. With technological innovations, the industry has come up with new e-signature services. The digital signature allows the identity of the signer which he/she cannot deny after document submission with the help of internet. It is not just a digital form of your handwritten signature but it also encodes the vital information of the authorized user. No third party or unauthorized user can duplicate this signature. This signature remains valid for one to three years. After the mentioned expiry date, the user needs to renew the signature for continued use. You

Categories of Digital signatures:

There are basically three types of digital signature certificates which includes- Class-1, Class 2, and Class 3 digital signature certificate and each one of them have different features and uses. It corresponds to a different trust level. The class 1 digital certificates can be issued for both private and personnel individuals. The class 3 digital sign certificate is the advanced level because the registration authority provides the certificate after thorough verification of the user. You can buy digital signature from the Registration authority.

Various benefits and uses of class 3 DSC:

The most secured online documentation and procedure of transaction is the class 3 digital signature and has high security advantages. Some of the advantages include the following: The class 3 certificates are used for trademarking E-provident fund claim, E-ticketing, e-filing, e-tendering and much more. There are basically two types of digital signatures- Class 3 A and class 3 B. The ones who wish to tender e-filing have to obtain class 3A certificate. The 3B certificate is given to the organizations, firms and company. The Indian government and Ministry of Corporate affair make it mandatory to obtain a class 3 digital signature certificate for e-filing of the tender which provides agreement to the client participating in this. The organization or the individuals whoever is seeking the tender for any public sector or government project needs identity verification by obtaining these certificates!

Secondly, this high secured data authorizes the security of documents administered online. No person can steal this data because a high security password has been used for securing it. This certificate is issued by a Certifying Authority or a Registered Authority. However the process of issuance is not as easy as class 2 certificates. If any organization wants to participate in the e-tendering process, then authorized body will first verify the documents and the identity from the database and only after that it will issue the certificates to the user.

Another important feature of class 3 digital signature certificate is that it uses credential back up. This feature is essential when the user is not available for the signature or if the user forgets the personal key, it will help in reestablishment of the encoded documents and messages in that moment. You need to buy digital signature certificate from a reputed organization that offers 24×7 technical assistance and nominal charges.


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