WhyTony Ferguson Wants Nurmagomedov at UFC 245

If you are an avid follower of MMA and UFC matches throughout the World, you would have already heard what Tony Ferguson has said in via a tweet on social media. He has made his intentions clear, that he wants boig matches now and no match is as big as facing the Lightweight Champion of the UFc, Khabib Nurmagomedov. While his intentions have been made clear with his statement, a lot many people including his fans and Khabib’s fans are looking for an answer to just one question — why does he want that?

To say it in the shortest way possible, we all know that Kahbib is undefeated at present with a streak of 28-0 in UFC, and he has already won his previous match via a Total Knockout at UFC 242. Also, he made no disappointment to his friends and fans who wanted to be present at UFC 229 event for just one match in the UFC Schedule of that day — against Conor McGregor. Kahbib defeated Conor way too easily that anyone would have ever imagined. Also, as Khabib has already mentioned that he can defeat anyone, a challenge from Tony Ferguson seems to be apt.

Tony Ferguson is also right in his demanding his match against Khabibb as he has been on a winning streak since the year 2013, just like Khabib Nurmagomedov is on a winning streak for 12 matches now. An interesting point to note is that even Tony has a winning streak of 12 till now. So, what Tony feels is that as both of them have a similar streak, only one should have been undefeated and there is no better way than a match between the two men to determine who is the better man, at UFC 245.

Interestingly, Tony also held the Lightweight Championship for a few days before he was stripped off his title for an injury during an interview — which makes the match even more demanding. But this match has been taken off the schedule four times already, so we cannot say if Tony would get it anytime soon or not.


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