Winning proof marries one entrepreneur’s love for sports and writing

Michelle Hill loves sports, even though she never excelled at it. What she is good at is writing. So she found a way to combine her love of sports with her writing skills in her business, Winning Proof.

To date, she has helped sports and business professionals publish 21 books. And she has written three of them herself. Read more about her story in this week’s Small Business Spotlight.

What does the company do?

Provides book publishing services for sports and business professionals.

Business niche

Provide personalized care and make customers feel valued.

Hill told Small Business Trends, “Each new customer receives a personalized welcome box tailored to what they have listed on the new customer information sheet, and I provide responsive, quick answers to their questions and challenges.”

How the company started

Getting married with two passions.

Hill explains: “When I unofficially started Winning Proof in the mid-2000s, my intention was and still is to combine my love of sports with my love of writing. Now don’t think I was good at sports, because I wasn’t. In fact, during my school years, I was bad at pretty much every sport except for a semester of high school archery. I was the one who excelled at cooking and typing classes…and…well…writing.

“When my company was officially ‘born’, I was standing in the middle of an aisle at a Southern California entrepreneurial fair when the name Winning Proof hit me on the head. It stuck.”

Biggest win

Stay with it.

Hill says, “The biggest win every day is because I’m still here, still in business, still trying…and learning…and growing. The biggest win is that I didn’t stop. What perseverance, determination and tenacity mean to my business is that eventually I will have fulfilled my time completely because I have helped others realize their dream of becoming an author.”

Biggest Risk

Move the company.

Hill adds, “With all the sports teams in Texas, I thought the Dallas area would be great for business. In 2019 I moved to Frisco, TX to be near the Cowboys, Mavericks and Stars. Well, it went. wrong, I hated Texas, and the end result was I saved every cent of my Social Security and sent it back to North Carolina exactly a year later. The lesson is that it’s okay when things don’t go the way you planned – make quick and hard decisions to plant yourself where you are generally happiest.

Lesson learned

Create a large emergency fund.

Hill says, “I’d work longer at my job while I was building my business so I’d have more emergency funds and working capital if everyone in the world forgot my name.”

Best business experience

Visiting professional locations.

Hill explains, “I’ve been to an NFL field 3 times when meeting clients, so that was super cool. The vantage point is much better FROM the pitch!”

favorite quote

“You will face many defeats in life, but never let yourself be defeated.” Maya Angelou.

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Image: Winning Proof, Michelle Hill

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