Woodworker’s YouTube Success Story Can Be Your Business Inspiration

There are quite a few successful YouTubers today, many of which owe their popularity to video game live streams. But there is another kind of success that can be had on YouTube, and a humble woodworker showed us the way.

Woodworker’s YouTube Success Story Can Be Your Business Inspiration

Texas native April Wilkerson has a woodworking channel with more than 1.4 million subscribers, thanks to which she has opened a brick and mortar store selling woodworking plans and associated paraphernalia. But nine years ago, she’d never even used a power tool.

From table creation to table creation tutorials

It was in 2013 when April reached a turning point in her life. She had a new house with little extra money to furnish it, and she wasn’t quite sure where she was going in life. To solve one of these problems, she came up with the idea of ​​making her own furniture.

Then she discovered the craft of woodworking and decided to really give it a try, teaching herself the basics through trial and error.

April had never taken a shop class or used power tools before, so she learned everything from scratch. But the more she learned about woodworking, the more she fell in love with it. Then she had another idea.

As she learned new skills, April started filming tutorials to help others do what she had just learned. She posted her videos to YouTube in hopes of helping others discover the joy of woodworking, and within a few months she became the most well-known female woodworker on the platform.

Her success was due to her step-by-step tutorial style that was easy to follow for woodworking beginners. She quickly became a full-time YouTube creator and has since hired nine employees to help her run the multiple business ventures that have grown out of her YouTube success.

YouTube the ‘Foundation’ of April’s Business

The YouTube blog explains how April transformed the success of her tutorials into a brick and mortar store: “In 2020, April bought a store called The Wood Shed, which she transformed into a commercial location. Today, she uses the site to create woodworking templates and furniture, along with selling wood, tools, and her own products.”

The blog added that as her brand grew, so did her platform, and by 2020, a TV network had contacted April after seeing her channel. This led to her co-hosting History Channel’s show Assembly Required in 2021 with Home Improvement stars Tim Allen and Richard Karn.

April’s manager Gary Wentz is sure that the YouTube success has created the opportunity to open a physical store. “There’s No Way It Could Have Happened Without” [YouTube]. It’s the foundation on which she’s built the rest of her business,” said Gary.

Gary also explained how April’s YouTube channel has become the economic backbone of her business, with a significant portion of her revenue coming through AdSense in addition to her sponsorship and sales of her woodworking plan.

The secret of April’s success

Not everyone has what it takes to create a successful YouTube channel, although the prerequisite seems to be only a genuine interest in something you like and want to share with others.

“If I can do this, anyone can do it,” April says. “And I’m not just talking about making and building. I’m talking about changing your life: finding something that makes you happy and leaning on that.”

So if you have a passion to lean on, as April says, you’ve already taken a big step towards potential YouTube success. There are also plenty of technical aspects to explore, such as designing an attractive and appropriate channel banner, creating an autoplay introductory video, and optimizing your playlists.

Another often overlooked element is defining channel keywords. Such defined channel keywords help YouTube’s algorithm to understand what your channel is about and who to target based on a user’s search, watch, and like history. You’ll find the option to set channel keywords in the Settings section of the YouTube Studio hub. You simply switch to ‘Channel’ and the option to define your channel keywords is there.

After that, it’s time to focus on the quality and unique appeal of your content.

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Image: April Wilkerson

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