Your Ultimate Guide To T Shirt Printing Methods In Singapore

Fabric printing had come a long way even before it evolved to the tee shirt printing methods we have in Singaporetoday.

Like how paper printing was invented, textile printing originated in China during the Song Dynasty in 960–1279 AD. The ancient method of textile printing used the screen or stencil printing method. Woodblock printing was also used to print designs on the fabrics. However, its primary problem was the washable dyes.

There are now numerous T shirt printing methods in Singapore that use different processes and equipment. Learn more about them here.

4 Popular T Shirt Printing Methods In Singapore

There are various t-shirt printing methods today; some still use manual work whilst others use machines. Each has a fair share of advantages and disadvantages. 

Here are the most popular tee shirt printing methods in Singapore:



Also known as silk screen printing, the primary tools for screen printing are the design stencils, nylon mesh, and textile paint or ink. It is one of the oldest printing methods in the world, too! 

The first step in screen printing is creating a design stencil, which will be placed on the fine woven nylon mesh frame. Water-resistant emulsions are needed to block the negative space of the stencil.

Once the nylon mesh has the stencils on it, the person doing the printing will place the nylon mesh on the shirt. The person will put an amount of ink or paint on the top of the mesh and roll them throughout the mesh. The ink passes through the stencils to the shirt, creating a print.

You can use a warm-air drying machine or air dry the clothes. Many express T shirt printing companies in Singaporeoffer silk screen printing.

Advantages and Disadvantages


  • Long-lasting and durable prints.
  • Vibrant and fantastic print finish.
  • It can use different mediums other than fabrics, such as glass, metal, and plastic.
  • Cheap and convenient.
  • You can do screen printing yourself.


  • It can be costly if used in limited or fewer quantities.
  • Time-consuming and has longer downtime.
  • The process can be rigorous and time consuming for intricate and multicoloured T-shirt designs.
  • It needs a large printing space for frame storage, printing area, and drying area.

If you want long-lasting and durable printed shirts, go for silk screen printing. But it is not an ideal instant T shirt printing method in Singapore.



The heat press printing method uses a heat press machine, an inkjet or laser printer, and iron-on or transfer paper.

The first step in the heat pressT shirt printing method in Singapore is to print your design stencil or template on the transfer paper. Transfer paper is different from ordinary paper because it is coated with wax.

Inkjet and laser printers are ideal for more vibrant pigments on the wax, hence, a better print finish on the shirt.

Once you have the printed design, you can place the transfer paper sheet over the shirt, with the design facing the fabric. Then lower down the heat press machine until contact. Let the machine press down the paper for several minutes.

After that, you can lift the press and see the stencil printed on the shirt. Leave the shirt to cool down for a few minutes, and they are ready to wear! Many same day T shirt printing services in Singapore have this method.

Advantages and Disadvantages


  • It is applicable for small and big printing quantities.
  • It is an advisable printing method for designs with multiple colours.
  • Design changes are welcome.
  • It is not messy; no blurry designs and bleed marks.


  • Materials and set-up costs are high.
  • The print finish does not last long.
  • The print makes the fabric firm.
  • It prohibits ironing the designs.

If you need an express T shirt printing service in Singapore, you opt for the heat press method.



Dye sublimation is aT shirt printing process in Singapore that uses a sublimation printer, special transfer paper, and sublimation ink– a special type of dye.

The first step is to print the design on special transfer paper. Then place the inked side of the sheet on the shirt and press it with the heat press. The ink will transfer to the shirt during the process.

Sublimation only transfers the ink, unlike the heat press that transfers the wax layer on the shirt.

Many tee shirt printing services in Singapore have this method.


Advantages and Disadvantages


  • It can print intricate and colourful designs.
  • It has more durable and permanent prints than a heat press.
  • It can be used in different mediums, such as mugs, plates, and clocks.
  • The process is easy and fast.
  • No design size restriction and range.


  • It only works on 100% polyester fabrics.
  • You cannot print on black or dark surfaces.
  • The colours may fade due to sunlight exposure.
  • The sublimation dyes are expensive.
  • Sublimation printers are high maintenance.

If you want same day T shirt printing service in Singapore, choose sublimation.


DTG processes only use printers, fabric, and ink. Like silkscreen, the design is printed directly right into the fabric but only using a special printer.

The first step is to prepare your digital artwork or design on the computer. Then prepare the shirt or fabric smooth and flat to the DTG platen. And then, the printer will do its magic! The printing takes about five minutes, whilst drying is about five minutes, too.

Some express T shirt printing companies in Singapore offer this method.

Advantages and Disadvantages


  • Much faster than screen printing.
  • Can print intricate and multi-coloured designs.
  • The print does not bulge.
  • It can accurately print photographs.
  • It can print on shirts and polo.


  • It needs pre-treatment for darker-coloured fabrics.
  • The prints are not as vibrant as silk screen printing.
  • The print finish is not durable, unlike silkscreen.
  • Some printers are unable to print white colours.

Which one works for you?

Each tee shirt printing process in Singapore has its pros and cons. The key is to weigh these advantages and disadvantages when choosing a printing method.

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