Zoho surpasses 80 million users and continues to grow

Zoho celebrates 38% year-over-year growth. The company made that announcement today at the start of ZohoDay 2022, the annual analyst conference in Austin, Texas.

Milestone investments, research and development and growth were the hot topics at the Zoho summit.

Zoho Celebrates Growth at Annual Analyst Conference in Austin

ZohoDay ends Wednesday in Austin, the company’s home city. That’s where dozens of analysts, customers and business leaders gathered to celebrate the past year, which was highlighted by a new period of growth, and look ahead.

ZohoDay included sessions focused on Zoho’s long-term strategy, critical business data, customer experience transformations, growth and retention, as well as Zoho innovations and business roadmap.

The annual event also included enlightening breakout sessions and a professional social event, complete with food, live music and dancing.

80 million users and growing

Zoho says there are now more than 80 million people using its business software. And it continues to grow.

The company says it is expanding and now investing in automotive, robotics and healthcare technologies. Zoho already provides software solutions for small business users to perform numerous tasks.

In addition to the new and existing users and the ever-expanding software choices for small business users, Zoho is expanding its physical footprint.

Expanding Zoho’s physical footprint and staying true to its mission

The company says it has opened 59 new global hub-and-spoke offices in rural areas and small towns in the past two years, allowing the company to expand into new markets and further support local communities.

That’s key to Zoho’s overall mission, said CEO Sridhar Vembu, who delivered the keynote address for ZohoDay Tuesday morning.

“We’ve long felt we have a responsibility to the communities and the world around us, whether that’s by providing jobs for those with less access or by providing products that help companies grow to their potential” , says Vembu.


He says: “Our approach from the beginning of Zoho – now 26 years ago – still rings true today: nurture people and businesses and lower the barrier to entry. Aside from cost-effective yet built-to-scale products and regionally located offices, Zoho has built by being a partner who helps people thrive, our success is their success and vice versa.”

Vembu also noted the company’s successful navigation of the global pandemic and the events that followed, pointing to the “pandemic followed by the monster bubble, then inflation, war, the great layoff…

“Navigating stormy seas requires a strong ship culture and a shared sense of purpose and destiny,” adds Vembu.

When asked if Zoho has given up anything by remaining a private company, Vijay Sundaram, CSO, said: “Maybe, but what we have gained is much more important: we are masters of our destiny and have the freedom to do what is right for customers. and employees.” #zohoday22 https://t.co/jmPyGwgrSvImage

Zoho Customer Stories

ZohoDay 2022 wasn’t just for analysts. The company also highlighted some of its millions of customers.

During the conference, Zoho customers were able to share how the company’s software helps them solve the challenges they face.

Lots of customer stories on #zohoday22. Themes: – No need to expand staff to handle revenue growth – Enable staff to make changes / add features without development staff – Transform from multiple platforms to a set of features that are streamlined and fun to play. https://t.co/kFVRvVMV8NImage

Important #ZohoDay22 Announcements

Check out some of the big announcements Zoho made Tuesday on ZohoDay 2022, including news about the company’s future and the products and services it offers to small businesses:

Investments – Zoho has made strategic investments in automotive, robotics and healthcare technology to support the development of and access to advanced solutions by those in need. Innovation and R&D Diversity – Zoho is committed to investing in innovation that enables the research and development of powerful, unified tools that organizations can adapt to their business needs and vision. Transnational Localization – Zoho is celebrating its global expansion through its transnational localization effort designed to create self-reliant local communities and economies. The expansion includes new offices in more than 30 locations Zoho’s Privacy Pledge – With more than 80 million users worldwide, Zoho respects the privacy of its customers and does not have an advertising revenue model in any part of its business, including its free products.

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Think about which tools can help your small business succeed. #zohoday22 kicks off in Austin. https://t.co/AKFnq8JjkeImage

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