10 Tips to Boost Your Site Traffic

It’s very easy to write a list post. Typically, a writer to collate ideas that are closely related. For example, a good topic would be to write about food. What’s the best food to eat? From there, you can create tons of list type foods. You can be specific, like what’s theOne of the worst things to get caught in is traffic. You’re stuck, you’re wasting gas, and most importantly, you’re wasting gas. However, traffic isn’t so bad. At least, not for website owners. When you want to get the word out about your website online, traffic is going to be your best friend. So what exactly is traffic? 


On the internet, traffic is the flow of data everywhere, both the entire internet or a private network. In SEO or search engine optimization terms, traffic is generally the people who visit your site—more people visiting means more traffic. More traffic, in turn, means an increase in possible conversions for your website. 


The fact mentioned above is why traffic is good for website owners. With that said, how do we get traffic for our site? Here are some ways. 

Writing List Posts

Content is key, especially when it comes to ranking your website. A high website ranking will make it easier for people to see your site. So to have a high ranking, you need content that will attract people. One of the most used and effective content online are blog posts. To be more specific, list-type blog posts attract the most people.


List posts will create a conversation between people. This buzz will be sure to attract people to your website. Of course, you need a list type that’s well written. You should always make sure that word count and characters are recommended. You can use a character counter online to have a more detailed view of your posts. Every content you create should also be factual and is 100% original.

 best spicy food to eat? How about the best sweet tasting desserts? 

Advertising Your Webpage

One of the best ways to get traffic is by ads. Although it might cost you a few dollars here and there, it’s well worth the investment. But before paying for this, you should know that there are ad packages that can help you save. 


Is it traffic that you’re after? How about if you’re targeting a specific audience or market? All of these variables can make or break your budget, so plan accordingly before spending on ads.

Setting up Google Business Profile

Trust is a big thing when it comes to business. This applies even to SEO and the way people visit websites. People won’t visit your site if it’s not legit. One way of increasing your reputation online is by optimizing your Google business profile. Make sure that your profile has updated information such as contact details, names, and logos. 


You should also make sure that your business profile fits the right categories that you belong in. For example, if you’re a business that offers rental services for sports equipment, then you should be in the “Sports Equipment Rental Service” rather than in the “Fast Food Restaurant” category.

Using Backlinks

Backlinks are links that link back to your website from another source. When you want traffic to come flowing in, then backlinks are your best friends. Having high-quality backlinks is the best way to develop that trust between your website and google. But don’t fall for services that sell backlinks, though. Even if you get what you pay for, an abnormally high number of backlinks can have negative consequences. 


Through Google’s complicated algorithms, it can penalize websites that resort to such methods. Google can bring down the rank of every page, a specific page on the website, or a particular keyword. When a drop occurs with any ranking, a significant decrease in traffic follows. For example, the Rap Genius site was penalized by Google for ten days in 2013 for violating backlink rules. The penalty resulted in the website losing 700,000 unique visitors to its website.

Answering Questions on Q&A Sites

Believe it or not, but one of the most searched websites in the world is Quora. Quora is a question & answer site that offers visitors to ask a question in hopes of the question being answered by another person.


Of course, you should only answer questions that you’re sure you can answer. It’s also best if you respond if you have expertise in the topic. You can subtly add a link with your answer, as long as it’s related to the question or issue. 


Other Known ways to increase traffic:


Using Social Media – One of the best places to advertise is social media. Always take advantage of posting links on social media for better visibility. Facebook, for example, allows users to create a page for their website or business. Using social media has been one of the most effective ways to increase traffic at minimal expense. This is because you are free to post content which your market might love and at the same time get “live” and actual feedback on your posts. You are also able to add more flare. You can add emojis to make your posts more relatable and emotional. For example, if you own a music streaming site it is evident to use a social media account to help you promote your site. When writing your posts it is always ideal to add a music emoji to show and emphasize that you’re promoting music related content.


Having the Right Keywords – You need specific words for users to find your product or website when they’re online. Keywords are what people enter in search engines to find something specific. Having the right keywords ensures that people find you online.


Using Long-tail keywords – speaking of keywords, what happens if other people use the same keyword? This situation would create competition; thus, people would have a hard time finding your website or product because of that competition. Long-tail keywords are excellent if you want less competition, especially if you’re selling something in a saturated market.


Impressive Headlines – Creativity is a must if you want to drive traffic to your website. Using a catchy headline will surely attract readers to your site. Do make sure, though, that you back up that awesome headline with content that’s just as impressive.


Collaboration – At first glance, some may see this as working with competition and can be bad for your growth. However, there are lots of brands and other businesses that can’t be considered competition with one another. These brands, though, have one thing in common: the target audience. 


For example, a toy company is not a direct competitor for one that produces sweets. By working together, these companies increase each other’s profitability without affecting each other’s market. Similarly, websites that target the same audience that doesn’t have a lot of things in common can come up with ideas and work together.


Having traffic to your website is one of the best things that a webpage owner should focus on. More traffic means more people are visiting your website. The methods mentioned above are just a few of the many legit tricks you can use to increase the traffic of your site.

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