9 Reasons Why Wrestling Is So Popular And Why It Matters

Wrestling, whether its WWE or the combat sport itself has a lot of fans. Although many think that professional wrestling matches aren’t worth the hype because it is all “staged” that has never resulted in the lack of interest by loyal fans.

The sport is still in fact very popular and for many, wrestling plays an important part in their everyday life. Why? Here are just some of the reasons why wrestling is a popular sport and why it deserves its popularity:

Reason #1: Wrestling Stood The Test Of Time

Just like the wrestling ornaments that commemorate the sport, cave drawings that date back to 3000 BC show that our ancestors were already wrestling. It is even possible that the sport can go even further back and it is still being practiced today. Clearly, it is one, if not the oldest sport today.

Reason #2: It Was And Still Is Part Of The Olympics

Aside from cave drawings, wrestling was also practiced during the first-ever recorded Olympic competition in 708 BC. Today, it is still an Olympic sport, meaning it has never lost its popularity or favor among athletes and fans.

Reason #3: It’s About Skill, Not Size

Anyone can work hard and train to become a wrestler. Unlike other sports where an athlete’s height or overall size determine their likelihood of success, wrestlers come in all shapes and sizes. A wrestler who is thin and lanky has as much chance of winning as someone short and stocky.

Reason #4: Wrestlers Have Longer Careers

Unlike pro football players and basketball players that typically retire when they reach their mid-30’s to be replaced by a younger athlete, this doesn’t happen in wrestling. Pro wrestlers, especially those in WWE can remain active well into their 40’s and 50’s, providing they do not sustain any serious injuries.

Reason #5: Unpredictability And Excitement

Watching two opposing teams compete for the championship can get old and boring after a few seasons. In wrestling, a gimmick can result in an intensified feud that leads to surprises. Nothing in wrestling is ever stagnant making matches unforgettable and exciting to witness.

Reason #6: Inclusivity

In wrestling, everyone can participate. Women and people with handicaps have just as much chance of being champions as everyone else. The inclusivity of the sport allows young athletes to dream big, despite the challenges ahead.

Reason #7: Training Tool For Real Life

Wrestlers work hard to train and become the best they can be. This mindset is excellent to create physically and emotionally strong individuals. Being disciplined in wrestling means also practicing discipline outside of the ring and competition.

Reason #8: No Fancy Or Expensive Equipment Needed

All that’s needed for a child to start training are good shoes and a mat. In fact, children can even wrestle in any outfit, that’s how low maintenance the sport is which allows anyone to participate.

Reason #9: Rewarding

At the end of a tournament, you are the only one on the mat. 100% of the credit, the accomplishment, and victory is yours which is an amazing feeling for any athlete.

Don’t worry about those naysayers putting down wrestling as a sport. Hang those personalized wrestling ornaments with pride this holiday season because you know that it is a great sport that’s worth praising and participating in.

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